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Welcome to the Hood….Victimhood

Posted by Mark on May 13, 2007

If you happen to have lived in or around New Orleans when Katrina hit- you’ve hit the lottery.

Turns out it was more than mere talk. After a massive deadline filing rush recently that is still being sorted through, the United States is facing legal claims from more than 250,000 people here demanding compensation because, they allege, the Corps negligently designed the waterworks that permeate the city.

No one knows whether the plaintiffs will get a dime, and legal experts note the difficulties of successfully suing the federal government. But officials said the damage claimed against the Corps exceeds $278 billion, an amount that dwarfs even the estimated $125 billion that the federal government has put up for Gulf Coast hurricane recovery.

Uh…rest assured the ‘victims’ will get more than a dime. Why don’t you know, it’s the feel good story of the century! Every person within a 200 mile radius has lined up for this massive handout. Oh by the way, anyone done the math lately?Hmmm….$278 billion divided by ~250,000 = 1.11 MILLION per ‘victim’. Yep.

If the government pays out all claims, each and every plaintiff, on average, will score more than a million dollars… Ahhhh….welcome to the hood- victimhood. Is this a great country or what?

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