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And the Answer STILL…is Global Warming

Posted by redsatellite on February 9, 2009

Most of you who read my post know…that the Global Warming mantra coming from the Main Stream Media is unrelenting, unending, and downright…pertinacious. As a result, I always feel compelled to bring you the most outrageous, most outlandish….most NONSENSICAL reports from around the world…where global warming is the….raison d’etre for literally… and I do mean literallyeverything.

So, you can imagine my delight when I came across this one:

Art under threat from climate change: U.N. experts

Art treasures in tropical nations are under threat from climate change which is likely to speed decay, U.N. experts said Sunday.

“The art world is made of materials that bugs like,” said Jose-Luis Ramirez, head of the U.N. University’s program for biotechnology for Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Climate change is a threat because it is going to increase the amount of fungus and bugs in many regions,” he told Reuters of a meeting of experts in Caracas from February 9-12 on new ways to protect art collections.

FUNGUS and BUGS? (If you managed to hold down your coffee without spraying it through your nose, you’re a better person than me.)

Of course…that now begs the question….where in the name of Orkin are they hanging these priceless works of art? In a jungle hut on the Amazon? On the deck of a boat chugging down the Ganges River? Hanging from a Kapok tree in a Malaysian rainforest?

Whatever happened to putting these ‘art treasures’ in a museum where there’s a roof and air conditioning? Since when do you have to hand out bug spray when you visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

If you’re shaking your head and rolling your eyes at this point- you’re not alone.

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Global Warming Rages Through Kentucky

Posted by redsatellite on February 2, 2009

Al Gore, that gifted clairvoyant of the environment, may have a tough time selling his schtick in the state of Kentucky.

Utility crews renewed work in subfreezing temperatures Saturday in their effort to put the power back on for nearly a million customers left in the dark by an ice storm that crippled parts of several states this week.

Thousands of people in ice-caked Kentucky awoke in motels and shelters, asked to leave their homes by authorities who said emergency teams in some areas were too strapped to reach everyone in need of food, water and warmth.

Dozens of deaths have been reported and many people are pleading for a faster response to the power outages. About 536,000 homes and businesses across Kentucky were without power, down from more than 600,000 the largest outage in state history, surpassing the damage last year from the remnants of Hurricane Ike.

Doris Hemingway, 78, spent three days bundled in blankets to ward off the cold in her Leitchfield mobile home. News that it could take up to six weeks for power to be restored sent Hemingway and his husband, Bill, into a shelter at a local high school.

“I’d pray awhile and I’d cry awhile,” Doris Hemingway said. “It’s the worst I’ve ever seen.”

Hey… Al lives right next door in Tennessee! I think it’s high time Al Gore drove a Zamboni over to Kentucky and warned them about Global Warming.

Don’t you?

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Memo To Al Gore: Americans Could Care Less About You

Posted by redsatellite on January 23, 2009

I’ve seen polls on the subject of Global Warming before…but this one….well this one takes the (frozen) cake:

As Barack Obama takes office, the public’s focus is overwhelmingly on domestic policy concerns – particularly the economy. Strengthening the nation’s economy and improving the job situation stand at the top of the public’s list of domestic priorities for 2009. Meanwhile, the priority placed on issues such as the environment, crime, illegal immigration and even reducing health care costs has fallen off from a year ago.

Fallen? Uh…you can’t fall any further than DEAD LAST.

Look at ALL the issues ahead of global warming. Trade policy? Lobbyists? I’m surprised that getting rid of pesky cockroaches didn’t rank above global warming.
So the lesson here is: Give it a rest- leave your Global Hoax alone.

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Global Warming Rages Through Michigan

Posted by redsatellite on January 15, 2009

Good news! Polar Bears can have their pick of cities and states to settle in. Yep, they’ve got quite a number….like Michigan for example.

Frigid air gripped cities from the Canadian border to Florida on Wednesday, with some cities posting record lows.

Records were posted in the Michigan cities of Flint, at 19 below, and Saginaw, 10 below, and in parts of the Lower Mississippi Valley, where places like Hot Springs and Monticello, Arkansas, were in the low 20s, said Andrew Orrison, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

If you live in Flint, MI….you really really…(oh heck one more) really need to move. Not only are you freezing your butt off….you DON’T HAVE A JOB. So seriously, why are you there? Are you addicted to pain?

And Hot Springs, AK? I’m sure the city is struggling to convince tourists to come jump in their springs. I mean c’mon! Why would you vacation in HOT SPRINGS, if it’s frozen over?

Wait…I got it…it just occurred to me: Polar Bears could visit.

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Global Warming Rages Through North Dakota

Posted by redsatellite on January 14, 2009

The blistering heat caused by Global Warming has now reached North Dakota. Ruh roh. Uh….and it ain’t pretty.

Blistering temperatures and winds battered parts of the upper Midwest Tuesday, delivering some states the coldest weather in decades. On the heels of a blizzard that barreled into the Northern Plains, temperatures dropped to minus 18 degrees Fahrenheit in Minneapolis, Minnesota.National Weather Service.

In Grand Forks, North Dakota, the weather was severe enough to break a record temperature from 1979, with minus 37 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

Now wait just a Climate Change minute…I thought the oceans were going to rise and the polar bears were going to drown? Hmmm- maybe the Polar Bears can MIGRATE SOUTH to Grand Forks.

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Global Warming Rages Through London

Posted by redsatellite on October 30, 2008

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,
In the lane, snow is glistening

A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight.
Walking in a winter wonderland.

Yah, holding a global warming debate while it’s snowing outside? Hmmm….I wonder who won the debate?

Snow fell as the House of Commons debated Global Warming yesterday – the first October fall in the metropolis since 1922. The Mother of Parliaments was discussing the Mother of All Bills for the last time, in a marathon six hour session.

In order to combat a projected two degree centigrade rise in global temperature, the Climate Change Bill pledges the UK to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 80 per cent by 2050. The bill was receiving a third reading, which means both the last chance for both democratic scrutiny and consent.

SINCE 1922?

Heavens to Queen Elizabeth…say it ain’t so! Heck…at the rate global warming is taking hold of our planet…..we might all be able to build a snowman- by Labor Day.

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Gore-bal Warming Infects Washington Post

Posted by redsatellite on September 23, 2008

Like that’s a surprise.

None-the-less, I started out reading a Washington Post article about an issue that separates John McCain from his running mate Sarah Palin- when all of a sudden – the author HIJACKS the entire subject. Yes. Apparently, the writer felt it important that she weigh in.

No one, including Gov. Sarah Palin, questions that Alaska’s climate is changing more rapidly than any other state’s. But her skepticism about the causes and what needs to be done to address the consequences stands in sharp contrast to the views of her running mate, Sen. John McCain, and place her to the right of the Bush administration and several other Republican governors.

Hmmm….sounds innocuous enough, huh? Yep, so they disagree on the reasons behind “climate change”. But then…out of the blue(not green)….like Al Gore at a McDonald’s drivethru…. we get this little Chicken McNugget:

Although Palin established a sub-cabinet to deal with climate change issues a year ago, she has focused on how to adapt to global warming rather than how to combat it, and she has publicly questioned scientists’ near-consensus that human activity plays a role in the rising temperatures.


‘Near consensus’? Where did you get that cockamamie idea? Certainly not from the THIRTY ONE THOUSAND scientists who disagree. And exactly- when- did you get to opine Ms. Eilperin? This article you wrote is NOT posted in the Op/Ed section.

When she established her climate sub-cabinet last September, she said in a news release that Alaskans “are already seeing the effects” of warming: “Coastal erosion, thawing permafrost, retreating sea ice and record forest fires affect our communities and our infrastructure.”

But when environmentalists urged the governor to include language attributing global warming to humans and suggested that the state set a target for limiting greenhouse gas emissions, Palin hedged.

And I’m glad she did. I’m relieved to see Sarah Palin understands the difference between industry CO2 emissions and sunspots and solar flares. Why is it…that liberals like Ms. Eilperin over at the Washington Post can’t remove themselves from the debate? Seriously, they just can’t help themselves…. it’s their nature. They must…and I do mean MUST…dictate the discourse.

Sit down and shut up and just….report.

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Keep Drinking Louisiana

Posted by redsatellite on September 3, 2008

Mayor Ray Nagin. You made no sense three years ago…and you make no sense now. My advice to Louisiana residents? Yep….keep drinking ’till he does.

The picture’s not as good as we thought it would be,” Nagin said almost 36 hours after Hurricane Gustav roared into the state with 110 mph winds.

SAY WHAT? 4 days ago, you said it was the ‘mother of all storms’….and the ‘storm of the century’. Which would make it a rather bleak picture, don’t you think? So which is it…you choco-latte?

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The Answer is….Global Warming

Posted by redsatellite on July 14, 2008

One day, very soon, Jeopardy will no longer be on television. And not because Alex Trebek passed away- mind you- but because the answer to EVERY Jeopardy clue will be: What is Global Warming. You can’t have a game show where every answer is the same. Uh….no…I’m not kidding.

A top Democrat told high school students gathered at the U.S. Capitol Thursday that climate change caused Hurricane Katrina and the conflict in Darfur, which led to the “black hawk down” battle between U.S. troops and Somali rebels.

Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.), chairman of the House (Select) Energy Independence and Global Warming Committee, also equated the drive for global warming legislation with the drive for women’s suffrage in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Absolutely astounding.

I use to think these oddball remarks were hilarious. But I’ve tracked them so many times and posted such a litany of these that I’ve come to realize how unbelievably stupidpeople with IMPORTANT jobs are! And just -how out of hand– all of this is becoming.

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Global Warming Rages Through Napa Valley

Posted by redsatellite on April 25, 2008

It has happened again. My God…what will become of us all. Heavens to Chardonnay…it truly is: The Grapes of Wrath.

The worst spring cold snap in more than 30 years is threatening to wreak havoc on the wine industry as three recent days of frost have killed grapevine buds up and down the crucial North Coast vineyard region.

So far, grape growers estimate that as much as 10 percent of their crops could be lost, an unusual occurrence in an industry that hasn’t seen a significant spring frost since the early 1970s.

If the earth continues to heat up this fast…I won’t be able to buy a domestic bottle of Cabernet for another 30 years.

The most damage to vines took place March 31 and last Saturday and Sunday, when temperatures dipped below the freezing point of 32 degrees to as low as 27 degrees throughout the region.

Hey…I’m saving energy!…I won’t have to refrigerate the Chenin Blanc.

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