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You Will Be Missed

Posted by redsatellite on November 6, 2008

Michael Crichton…a brilliant writer- died yesterday. I’ve had the good fortune to have read almost every single one of his books. He was an amazing talent.

Al Gore and his green minions won’t miss him, but I certainly will.

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Party of Defeat

Posted by redsatellite on April 1, 2008

           Catchy title…huh?

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The Da Vinci Code: Time to Start Boning Up on Your Theology and History

Posted by Mark on February 26, 2006

HT to Hugh Hewitt for this one.
The Da Vinci Code was a great read, a real thriller. A good work of fiction. Trouble is, a lot of ignorant people are taking it as fact. More will be taking it as “gospel” when the movie is released. The Da Vinci Dialogue is a great place to find the facts behind the fiction. As the buildup to the movie goes in to full swing, I’ll be linking to other sites that reveal the truth behind the lies. Here’s a look at a great one, from Christianity Today.

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