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Four Days in Denver

Posted by Mark on April 20, 2008

Political prophecy?  This week may decide. Either way, this from a writer of the West Wing is a great read.

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The People’s Republic of Illinois in the Rearview Mirror

Posted by Mark on April 4, 2008

Today marks my last day as a resident of Illinois. The land of Lincoln has been good to me and mine for 20 years or more, but it’s time to go.

Corruption in politics leads to multiple highs and lows…

High taxes, high crime, high unemployment.

Low morale, low wages, and low trust in public officials.

Think on that, as Democrats consider nominating a man steeped in the political culture of what was once the home of Honest Abe.

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A Short Course in Brain Surgery

Posted by Mark on March 7, 2008

Every thing you need to know about “single payor” health insurance is in this film. Is this really what you want? It’s what you’ll get if you vote for a Democrat this year.

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The First Coming of Obama

Posted by Mark on February 11, 2008

A fascinating and frightening look inside the “cult of Obama” arising within the Liberal mainstream. Very frightening indeed.

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