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You Better Sit Down for This Post

Posted by Mark on May 27, 2007

Please be seated. For this exercise, you need to keep your eyeglasses nearby for the headline…and your blood pressure medicine close by for the remainder:

Dartmouth alumni elect conservatives to trustee board

On the surface…the headline gives you the impression, conservatives are making a comeback. And indeed they are….but of course CNN.compost.-being well, CNN.compost– the headline is the beginning and the ending of any fair reporting:

For two decades, Dartmouth College has tried to rein in rowdy fraternities — such as the one that inspired the movie “Animal House” — and make the campus more welcoming to women, minorities and scholars.

Now, some alumni who appreciated the old Dartmouth are pushing back. Football, fraternities, opposition to codes regulating hate speech and a fresh focus on teaching undergraduates top their agenda.

They just can’t help themselves. Liberals CAN NOT and WILL NOT report something without using words that fit THEIR agenda.

Yep…in this post, we learn that electing a conservative makes Dartmouth against minorities, women, and scholars and FOR hate speech.


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