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Defending the Indefensible

Posted by redsatellite on March 6, 2009

Liberals are quite a lovely bunch of coconuts. I mean really. Anyone noticed the VAST disconnect they have with their secular behavior, their secular beliefs, their secular lifestyle and the Muslim religion? Yet, they defend the religion and their followers all the while – excoriating Christians.

For this following article, I particularly want to hear from liberal women….you know the ones like Nancy Pelosi who go off to Syria wearing a headscarf…or an Annette Bening and Alfre Woodard who chum it up with Iranian women in Teheran in full headdress.

Yah…those stupid liberals.

I think it’s time you visit Saudi Arabia. Oh..and for fun….try RENTING A CAR from al-Hertz or ali-Budget. Uh…better yet…try renting a car and then driving. I’m sorry…what’s that you say?

…you can’t?

Police in the Saudi Arabian city of Mecca Wednesday arrested a woman for violating the country’s ban on women driving, according to the Saudi English-language daily Arab News.

The woman, whose nationality and name were not released but who was described as being in her 20s, attempted to flee when she realized police had spotted her driving, Saudi authorities said.

The woman tried to escape when she saw a police car and in the process hit another car, which was slightly damaged,” Maj. Abdul Mushin Al-Mayman, a police spokesman, told Arab News. According to the spokesman, the woman was turned over to the Saudi Prosecution and Investigation Commission.

Wake up and smell the camel dung. You certainly don’t respect Christians- so why the DUPLICITOUS kowtowing?


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To Play the Game, You Gotta Have Faith

Posted by redsatellite on July 2, 2008

You gotta have faith. That is Obama’s obvious gambit as he campaigns across America. He’s up in Ohio, a critical swing state, announcing his plans to EXPAND Bush’s faith-based initiatives. If you’re like me…you stood up and shouted: HUH? (Yahyou better get the Q-tips.)

Democrat Barack Obama said yesterday that if elected president he would set aside more than $500 million a year in federal funds for religious organizations to help the disadvantaged, sharply expanding a Bush administration program that has strong support from evangelical Christians.

Obama is walking quite a highwire here. I can’t imagine flaming liberals putting up with this. They’ve been howling like a pack of hungry jackals at an All You Can Eat Buffet over Bush’s prior initiatives.

Political analysts said Obama’s proposal appeared to be part of an attempt to shift to the center and recruit moderate, evangelical Christians and mainstream Catholics, two voting blocs that consistently supported Bush and have embraced Republican candidates.

And rather blatant too…announcing this in a key swing state like Ohio. If you don’t think there’s a method to his madness, you’ve been smoking the arugula again. And if evangelical Christians fall for this ridiculous ploy, they’re as stupid as Al Gore at a Mensa party.

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Thank God, You’re Not MY Parents

Posted by redsatellite on June 19, 2008

A news report like this….makes me crazy. I feel so bad for the children, I want to immediately put the parents UNDER the jail.

Authorities say a teenager from a faith-healing family died from an illness that could have been easily treated, just a few months after a toddler cousin of his died in a case that has led to criminal charges.

Tuesday’s death of 16-year-old Neil Beagley, however, may not be a crime because Oregon law allows minors 14 and older to decide for themselves whether to accept medical treatment.

Remind me not to move to Oregon. I can remember when I was 16, I listened to my parents and I respected my parents and I certainly obeyed them and their decisions. If these 2 were my parents, I’d be DEAD.

In March, the boy’s 15-month-old cousin Ava Worthington died at home from bronchial pneumonia and a blood infection.

A simple visit to the doctor or a hospital, and the 2 kids would still be alive. This story is so sad, it’s absolutely…..maddening.

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I Now Pronounce You…

Posted by redsatellite on June 17, 2008

Man and Man. Uh….I mean…wife and wife.

With a series of simple “I dos,” gay couples across California inaugurated the state’s court-approved and potentially short-lived legalization of same-sex marriage on Monday, the first of what is expected to be a crush of such unions in coming weeks.

Massachusetts was first….now California. You can bet the states that already recognize ‘civil unions’ between same-sex partners, will be next. (New Hampshire, Vermont, New Jersey, and Connecticut). And along with Hawaii….it’s only a matter of time.

I’m actually quite done with this subject…knowing the inevitable will occur. Every state that has put it on a ballot, to be voted on- has overwhelmingly DISAPPROVED it. Yet, gay activists continue to hammer the courts- completely ignoring the Vox Populi. Adam and Steve- they’re here, they’re queer- get used to it.

Uh…I’m straight…it’s innatewe rejected it!

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Yet Another Reason Why America is Unraveling (Part 791)

Posted by redsatellite on April 16, 2008

Back in the day (and that might just be yesterday), businesses could refuse to provide services to customers for a variety of reasons. For example, the often displayed: No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service. A prominent message seen everywhere.

Well apparently, religious beliefs are not a good enough reason to refuse service.

The New Mexico Human Rights Commission ruled on Wednesday that an evangelical Christian photographer discriminated against a lesbian couple by refusing a job to photograph the couple’s same-sex commitment ceremony.

The commission ordered Elaine and Jon Huenins, owners of Elane Photography in Albuquerque, N.M., to pay the lesbian couple $6,600 in attorney fees.”It is just a stunning disregard for the First Amendment,” said Jordan Lorence, a senior legal counsel for the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Alliance Defense Fund, which is representing the photographer couple in court.

This is the insanity of living in America these days. They have FORCED this Christian couple to pony up $6,600 dollars for not photographing them. Hmmm….I can’t wait to see what happens when I go into a restaurant in San Francisco next time-not wearing shoes or a shirt.

I hope it’s a Lesbian owned establishment.

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The Liberal Moral Authority Canard…Again

Posted by redsatellite on March 19, 2008

We have the Goracle (everyone please bow and genuflect towards their diminishing Polar Icecaps) and now we have the Obamacle. Children, gather ’round… Obama will speak:

He mentioned the nation’s “tragic history” on race: “We’ve got a lot of pent-up anger and bitterness and misunderstanding,” he said.
So exactly WHEN are you going to get over your ‘pent-up anger and bitterness’? Quit playing the Victim Card…for the twenty six thousand four hundred and fifteenth time.

Earlier in the speech, Obama noted that he is the son of a black man from Africa and a white woman from Kansas. That allowed him to speak with authority about both races.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How lucky can a guy be? He gets to speak for….both races!

Obama used his speech to explain why the “anger is real” in the black community. He also touched on anger in the white community, where people have “worked hard all their lives, many times only to see their jobs shipped overseas or their pension dumped after a lifetime of labor. They are anxious about their futures, and feel their dreams slipping away…”

Uh…wrong there Mr. Obamalama….I’m angry at moonbat liberals who blame America for everything….for all their ills…for all their problems….like the venom-spewing victim wannabe
Reverend Wright.

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Moral Responsibility?

Posted by redsatellite on March 11, 2008

Evidently, Southern Baptists now feel MORALLY responsible to combat ‘Global Warming’. My responsibility, of course, is to inform you- that they are now responsible. But, I too feel MORALLY RESPONSIBLE to tell you ….they’re full of carbon dioxide.

Several prominent leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention said Monday that Baptists have a moral responsibility to combat climate change — a major shift within a denomination that just last year cast doubt on human responsibility for global warming.

Each day I try and be as moral as I can….but I can assure you, I have no intention of assigning MORALITY to Gore-bal Warming. And by the way….now that they’ve deemed this a ‘moral responsibility’….is this equal to other Christian morals (eg. 10 Commandments)?

Hmmm….I guess the Baptists are looking for a new set of commandments.

1. Thou shall not drive gas guzzling SUVs, trucks, or large vehicles that hold more than 4 people.
2. Thou shall not fly in airplanes (One exception: Virgin Atlantic)
3. Thou shall not eat beans. (lima, string, kidney, garbanzo, fava, soy, black)
4. Thou shall not raise cows. (i.e. Jersey)
5. Thou shall not burn leaves or anything outdoors for that matter. (burning brain cells -okay)
6. Thou shall not leave the lights on in your house. (Unless you have latch-key kids)
7. Thou shall not work in a factory or manufacture anything. (Remove all tools from your garage)
8. Thou shall not drive fast- ever. (This includes men driving pregnant wives to the hospital.)
9. Thou shall not have pets defecate outside. (Humane society is grandfathered in)
10. Thou shall not eat red meat. (All animals are flatulent, therefore vegetarians AND vegans get in heaven first)

Uh…sorry Reverends.

Time for me to clock out from my job at U.S. Steel and get in my Humvee and drive as fast as I can to the Outback Steakhouse. (I love a medium rare Ribeye and lentil soup.)

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Cross Action News. What Drudge Would Be if Drudge Was an Evangelical

Posted by Mark on March 4, 2008

Having recovered from a major interview on Moody Broadcasting this morning, Cross Action News is up and running.  This is a must-read site, covering news from a conservative and Christian point of view.  Stuff here I haven’t seen, including this from FrontPage:

Well, NASA says recent satellite images show that the allegedly endangered polar ice cap – which will melt completely one of these summers and kill off all the polar bears if we don’t slash our greedy carbon footprints and revert to the lifestyles of medieval peasants – has recovered to near normal coverage levels.

That’s what Josefino Comiso, a senior research scientist with the Cryospheric Sciences Branch of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, told Canada’s CBC News – the Canadian government’s version of NPR/PBS – on Feb. 12.

As far as Google’s search engine knows, Comiso’s comforting report has appeared nowhere but in Canada.

There’s even better news for polar ice-pack lovers from ice expert Gilles Langis, who says Arctic ice is now even thicker than usual in spots. A senior ice forecaster with the Canadian Ice Service in Ottawa, he’s another scientist you shouldn’t expect to see talking to Anderson Cooper on the next episode of CNN’s “Galaxy in Peril.”

Meanwhile, in other news too climatically incorrect for U.S. mainstream media to touch, California meteorologist Anthony Watts says January 2008 was the planet’s second-coldest January in 15 years.

Even more shocking, the average temperature of Earth dropped significantly from January 2007 to January 2008. As Watts explains on his Web site, he determined the lower figure by crunching data from four major public and private global tracking sources.

Very much worth visiting, and linking to, and maybe even using as one of your home links, as I have done. Good job, Jason and company!

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The Episcopal Church in Crisis: A Most Revealing Interview

Posted by Mark on January 24, 2008

If you ever wondered what the fuss is about in the Episcopal Church USA, this interview by the Presiding Bishop Katharine Schori should answer your questions.  It’s not about gays in the church, as so many have claimed. It comes down to the age old discussion, dating back to the first 400 years of the church, of Who Jesus Christ was and is.  The comments on the interview are enlightening, especially number 14 from Betty See (The italics are mine):

 I was at this event and asked the question toward the beginning about what she saw Jesus as having done on the Cross.  Having previously heard a sound bite here and a sound bite there, I found the hour very useful as it gave me a good insight into the way she thinks.  She basically sees Jesus as another prophet, whose mission was to reconcile humans on to another, this time beyond the bounds of the Israelite nation.  He taught that we are to serve each other, even to the point of having to die to be of service to one’s neighbor (which He exemplified on the Cross).  There is no concept whatsoever of Eschatology in her thinking, she is all about building a better world in the here and now.  Thus there is no concept of sin and redemption.  No one set of morals can be imposed on others.  Our Diocesan Bishop nodded in agreement with her throughout the Q and A session.  Herein lies the problem we are dealing with in ECUSA.  The theology is not Christian, and all of the egregious things they do, like the recent hindu communion, logically follows from their non-Christian outlook.  Our conversation with these folk needs to focus on Jesus’ mission as having come to pay the price for human sin.  Until they get this straight (if they ever do), there is not much point in engaging them on anything else.

Who do you say I am? Matthew 16:15-16.  The answer to that question has driven both Orthodox belief and heresy throughout the centuries. It continues to be at the heart of the conflict within the Church today.

HT to SP for this one.

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Faith Blogging

Posted by Mark on November 27, 2007

Good article on faith bloggers across all denominations.  Misses the boat by painting all faith bloggers as “contentious.”

For a more balanced list of faith bloggers,take a look at Hugh Hewitt’s list under God Blogging.

I would draw particular attention to Mark D. Roberts.

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