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Getting Health Care for Al Qaeda Members

Posted by Mark on May 1, 2007

Another Al Qaeda leader appears to have made a beeline for the 72 virgins.

Unconfirmed reports Tuesday indicated that Al Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Ayyub al-Masri had died in fighting between rival militant groups north of the Iraqi capital, according to an Interior Ministry spokesman.

“We received intelligence reports of al-Masri getting killed in clashes between al-Qaeda in Iraq and other militant groups, at dawn today, in al-Niba’ie in Taji, north of Baghdad,” Brig. Gen. Abdul Karim Khalaf said.

This is great news for sure, but with his possible demise, it occurred to me that buying health insurance for him and his family must be next to impossible. Let’s think about this….

If you’re Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente or even Fallujah Permanente– why would you cover them? At the very least….in the last 5 years, the PREMIUMS must’ve skyrocketed for Al Qaeda families.

You can bet….single coverage is out of the question.

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