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Spy vs Spy

Posted by Mark on September 30, 2006

In the MAD magazine comic strip Spy vs. Spy, each spy tries to CLOBBER the other-constantly trying to outwit or outmaneuver the other. So it comes as no surprise that China and the United States have brought it to life.

China has secretly fired powerful laser weapons designed to disable American spy satellites by “blinding” their sensitive surveillance devices, it was reported yesterday.

The hitherto unreported attacks have been kept secret by the Bush administration for fear that it would damage attempts to co-opt China in diplomatic offensives against North Korea and Iran.

Sources told the military affairs publication Defense News that there had been a fierce internal battle within Washington over whether to make the attacks public. In the end, the Pentagon’s annual assessment of the growing Chinese military build-up barely mentioned the threat.

Expect the Pentagon to QUICKLY counter China’s advantage… adding a feature or capability to an upcoming NRO or DARPA project that will render the lasers ineffective. And in a couple of years, we will have the edge again……which will leave China to counter- the counter.

Happens all the time in the game of….Spy vs. Spy.

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How Stupid Can You Get?

Posted by Mark on September 30, 2006

If you’re Mark Foley, who until yesterday was a shoe-in for re-election, this stupid. Sigh.

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A Bad Idea…

Posted by zaphriel on September 29, 2006

Quickly abandoned.

CBS ‘Survivor’ Ends Segregation Game…

All the hubbub about the “Survivor” ethnic experiment turned out to be pretty worthless.

Why? Because after only two episodes, producers merged the black, white, Asian and Latino tribes into two mixed-race gangs. No explanation was given for the quick abandonment of segregation; it seemed to pass by so quickly as to mean nothing.

Funny how this type of trash continues to flow from the SeeBS Source. At least they wised up.

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Couldn’t Have Said it Better…

Posted by zaphriel on September 29, 2006


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Failing to Execute an Execution

Posted by Mark on September 29, 2006


Only in California…can you get a stay of execution on the grounds that you can’t execute an injection properly. Uh….it’s enough to render me speechless.

Some condemned inmates executed by lethal injection may have been conscious when they received a drug that causes suffocation and “excruciating” sensations comparable to drowning or strangulation, an anesthesiologist who has reviewed state execution logs testified Wednesday.


I suspect the killers’ victims were conscious right up until the moment they were MURDERED! (And I’m guessing they likely had excruciating sensations too.)

The inmates are supposed to be heavily sedated by the first drug against the pain of the third, a heart-stopping chemical whose effects are masked by the paralytic. “If someone is breathing like that, they may not be in a deep plane of anesthesia.

They may not even be unconscious,” Heath said on the second day of a hearing on death row inmate Michael Morales’ challenge to California’s lethal injection procedures. Morales’ attorneys contend that the executions violate the U.S. Constitution’s prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment.


I know….I know…yet ANOTHER reason to hate the state of California. And yes those reasons are piled high. Oh….I’d say about CHEST HIGH…right about where a murderer should be strapped:

….when he’s executed.

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More Good News…

Posted by zaphriel on September 27, 2006

7-11 Cans Citgo

About time. I haven’t baught 7-11 gas for a while because of that, even when they were cheaper.

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Forget You Ever Read This

Posted by Mark on September 27, 2006

I’ve just read some wonderful news.

Too much testosterone can kill brain cells, researchers said on Tuesday in a finding that may help explain why steroid abuse can cause behavior changes like aggressiveness and suicidal tendencies.

Tests on brain cells in lab dishes showed that while a little of the male hormone is good, too much of it causes cells to self-destruct in a process similar to that seen in brain illnesses such as Alzheimer’s.

“Too little testosterone is bad, too much is bad but the right amount is perfect,” said Barbara Ehrlich of Yale University in Connecticut, who led the study.

Testosterone is key to the development, differentiation and growth of cells and is produced by both men and women, although men produce about 20 times more of the hormone.

So why am I telling you this?…..hmmm…uh….well…uh..jeez. I’m not sure…hmmm…uh give me a minute…

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The Dutch Boy Ran Out of Fingers…Part II

Posted by Mark on September 26, 2006

That door the MSM opened, and the Democrats blithely walked through, has once again led right off a cliff. The declassified parts of the NIE show the massive scandal which we used to know as “objective journalism.” Here’s the opening sentences:

United States-led counterterrorism efforts have seriously damaged the leadership of
al-Qa’ida and disrupted its operations;

So, let’s see what the much vaunted Iraq paragraph really said:

We assess that the Iraq jihad is shaping a new generation of terrorist leaders and
operatives; perceived jihadist success there would inspire more fighters to continue the
struggle elsewhere.
• The Iraq conflict has become the “cause celebre” for jihadists, breeding a deep
resentment of US involvement in the Muslim world and cultivating supporters for
the global jihadist movement. Should jihadists leaving Iraq perceive themselves,
and be perceived, to have failed, we judge fewer fighters will be inspired to carry
on the fight.

Percieved success. Percieved failure.

Question: Who drives perceptions today? Would it not be the very MSM and Defeatocrats who now have egg on their face…again?

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The Dutch Boy Ran Out Of Fingers…

Posted by zaphriel on September 26, 2006

Or The Dike is about to explode.

Or How Best Win an Election and Loose the War on Terror.

Our Intel is leaking like a sieve. It seems our government, from the highest Democrat on down, doesn’t seem to understand what the word “classified” means. I tire of the constant “leaks” that don’t get prosecuted. The “leaks” that occur purely for political gain, and this is just another in a long line.

Bush to Declassify Part of Intel Report

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Bush on Tuesday said it is naive and a mistake to think that the war with Iraq has worsened terrorism, as a key portion of a national intelligence assessment by his own administration suggests. He said he was declassifying part of the report.

Democrats have used the report – written by analysts from a range of U.S. intelligence branches – to bolster their criticism of Bush’s Iraq policy.

The administration does not dispute the findings, but claims only part of the report was leaked – and does not tell the full story.

As usual, the moonbattiest of the moonbatties don’t want us to know the whole story. “Can’t control the populace if they have the whole story, nope gotta leak the best parts.” The parts that will do the most damage both to America, and the Republican Party. Remember, National Security is secondary to our regaining power.

There is never an excuse for leaking classified information. Only a few people in the U.S. have the power to declassify, and I almost guarantee the “leaker” in this case does not. If a simple schmuck like me did anything like this, I would be doing the rest of my life in a hard labor camp, if I was lucky. “Leaking” classified information is punishable by DEATH, unless apparently you are a high ranking former political official. Sandy Berger anyone?

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A Good And Accurate Assessment

Posted by zaphriel on September 26, 2006

of the Clinton Tirade

Via Mark in a comment

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