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If You’ve Paid For the Nanny- Someone Be the Nanny!

Posted by Mark on May 6, 2007

California. i.e. the Nanny…has fallen down on the job. Yep. As the state continues to slide towards complete socialism, we find that being the nanny in Los Angeles and taking care of 48,000 children is…..well…it’s- uh….well…someone actually has to pay attention to the details of BEING A NANNY. Someone has to take RESPONSIBILITY!

In a region with the largest homeless population in the nation, the city of Los Angeles is not promptly using more than a quarter of the federal money intended to house ailing homeless people, according to a city report.By contrast, San Francisco leaves just 12% unused and Berkeley uses all of it, according to officials in those cities.”That makes no sense,” said Los Angeles City Councilman Greig Smith.

“Here is a city where everyone is complaining we have 48,000 homeless people, and we’ve got beds going unused.”

Heavens to Mrs. Doubtfire!

Of course, this raises ALL KINDS of questions. Uh…how about- where is the money sitting that hasn’t been spent? Is it in a bank earning interest? Is it in Mayor Villaraigosa’s bank account? (the most likely place)

Earlier this year, federal officials did not allocate $12.5 million in new funding the city was expecting, saying the city’s Housing Authority and the nonprofit agencies it works with have not shown they are properly spending money.

Housing Authority officials, city leaders and nonprofits are pointing fingers at one another and the federal government, even as they scramble to fix the problem.

Have you hugged your Communist Manifesto today?

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What Month is This: Guess I’ll Weigh In.

Posted by Mark on May 6, 2007

Over the years, the Global Warming Myth has been a favorite topic of ours. Here’s just a few of the past posts from LJiC. This one, from American Thinker may be the best on the misuse of Climate Change Prediction Models.

It’s not ignorance on your part time, Tom and LD. It really is a case of not “keeping up with the memos.” And most assuredly Algore and his Powerpoint presentation didn’t keep up with the memos on climate change. Nor has the Mainstream Media, the Democrat Party, and a vast majority of folks around the world.

So, a look at the “memos.” It takes work, and isn’t as photogenic as photos of glaciers melting, polar bears dying, etc, etc, etc. So, here are a few links to move the debate along:
First, Michael Crichton’s marvelous book State of Fear. Here’s an excerpt which presents the dangers of basing public policy on supposed climate change. Actually, anything from Dr. Crichton’s site on this topic will be a real eye-opener, and a fairly easy introduction to the latest memos.

I would also direct you to a fascinating debate on climate change held 3/14/07. Here’s the transcript, and here’s audio excerpts.

I would also draw your attention to World Climate Report.

And, should you really wish to dive into the nitty-gritty of the debate, you can go to the Center for Science and Public Policy. I would most especially draw your attention to the Powerpoint presentation “The Science isn’t Settled: The Limitations of Global Climate Change Models.” Worth reading by anyone interested in an informed opinion on the topic.

And, should you REALLY have the nerve, you can always read The Skeptical Environmentalist by Statistician Bjorn Lomborg.

I don’t expect anyone to read all the stuff I’ve just linked to. Heck, if it wasn’t for an extended illness, and a whole lot of boredom (Have you SEEN what passes for weekday afternoon television?!?!?) I would never have read all this and more. This debate isn’t easy, and it’s not terribly interesting. In fact, this debate is a lot like debating economic policy. After awhile, all the numbers and models start to blend in to the sound adults make in a Peanuts cartoon, “WA WA. WA WAA WA.” But, like economics, this matters. It’s important to get this right. Our lives will be changed based on rather climate change is real or not, and rather humans are the cause or not. Should you seek an example of this, look no further than the failed Kyoto treaty. Had it passed the Senate, our lives would have changed radically, based on the myth of Catastrophic Climate Change. So, let’s be sure of what we are doing before we do it. And, folks, the real Inconvenient Truth is that the “memos” don’t point toward Algore and company. In fact, the memos point the other way.

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