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The Return of Benjamin Netanyahu

Posted by redsatellite on February 4, 2009

At least, let’s hope so. Mr. Netanyahu, leader of the Likud party, made this delightful statement yesterday:

“[Kadima leader] Tzipi Livni and the people of Kadima scoffed at the predictions regarding rocket fire. A government under my leadership will overthrow the Hamas rule in Gaza and bring about a cessation of rocket fire,” Netanyahu said during a tour of Ashkelon following the first Grad rocket attack since the conclusion of Operation Cast Lead some two weeks ago.

“The policy of blindness followed in the past years has brought us to this situation,” Netanyahu continued. “Residents can no longer count on miracles and Kadima policy.”

Until Hamas is wiped out, no peace will ever come to Gaza. No Palestinian will EVER see prosperity. All the hope and change in Washington will not change this malevolent band of murdering thugs.

That’s a guarantee …you can BELIEVE.

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Fantasy vs Reality

Posted by redsatellite on January 5, 2009

There are those who have a firm grasp of reality….and then there are those who don’t.

Gaza’s main hospital, already overloaded with Palestinians wounded in the week-long Israeli air assault, has reached critical mass, according to a Norwegian doctor volunteering at Shifa Hospital.

Palestinian medical officials said Israeli forces have killed 37 Palestinians — both civilians and militants — since moving into the territory. With those deaths, at least 507 Palestinians have been killed in the military operation, including about 100 women and children, officials said.

In addition, 2,600 Palestinians have been injured, most of them civilians, officials said.
Now let’s hear from Mr. Ali Larijani, speaker of Iran’s parliament, regarding Israel’s ground assault on Hamas militants:


“The Zionists should know that Gaza will become their graveyard.”I guess those cowering ‘Zionists’ missed that memo.

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Starting the New Year Right!

Posted by redsatellite on January 1, 2009

Israel’s military has started the New Year off in grand style. Sweet.

A leading commander of Hamas’ military wing in Gaza was among 10 people killed Thursday in an Israeli airstrike on a Palestinian refugee camp, Hamas security and Palestinian medical sources said.

Nizar Rayan died when an Israeli missile hit his house in the Jabalya refugee camp, north of Gaza City.

The Israeli news organization Haaretz described Rayan as the most senior Hamas leader killed in Israel’s six-day air offensive on Gaza. Haaretz described him as an “outspoken advocate of renewing suicide bombings against Israel.”

You can run…but you can’t hide. Happy New Year you malevolent sociopath.

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Tzipi De Do Da Day!

Posted by redsatellite on July 31, 2008

Ehud Olmert’s reign of surrender is over. Olmert the Appeaser will be stepping down. Finally. I thought for sure he would be gone by the fall of 2006…but he managed to hang on until yesterday. The recent grafting, the constant capitulation to the Palestinians, the EMASCULATED response to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

All of it…blessedly…added up.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert intends to hand his resignation letter to President Shimon Peres the day after the September 17 Kadima primary and ask him to entrust the new party leader with forming a new government, Olmert’s associates said Wednesday night.

In his 8 p.m. speech, broadcast live here and abroad, a defiant and almost tearful Olmert lashed out at Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and other adversaries without naming them and vowed to keep the peace process with the Palestinians and Syria moving forward until he left office. He referred bitterly to his opponents as “self-styled fighters for justice.”

Unfortunately, the Kadima party will still be in power. And the odds on replacement is- the above mentioned Ms. Tzipi Livni. Olmert’s appeasement days are over. I hope the new leader…

…doesn’t catch his disease.

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Dealing With the Devil: Second Act

Posted by redsatellite on July 25, 2008

Allah willing?

Yah….PLO psychopath and convicted CHILD killer Samir Kuntar wants to kill again. And he’s implored Allah to help him. Last week, in my post, I noted that Ehud Olmert would regret his decision to free this sub-human. Well….uh…Mr. O…um…Mr. Prime Minister…that day could be FAST approaching.

Days after his release last Wednesday, convicted Lebanese Druse terrorist Samir Kuntar told Arab television stations that he plans to earn a master’s degree in “military resistance” and reiterated his commitment to kill again. 

A degree in ‘military resistance’? Now there’s an honorable academic pursuit. Hmmm….I wonder if he’s applied to Yale.

Kuntar said he was “proud” of killing Israelis, and “Allah willing, I will get the chance to kill more Israelis,” in an interview with Lebanon’s Future TV, according to a transcript provided by The Middle East Media Research Institute. Kuntar, who served 29 years in an Israeli prison for his part in killing a father and his daughter as well as an off-duty policeman in Nahariya in 1979, was released with four other Lebanese prisoners on July 16 in exchange for the bodies of IDF reservists Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser.


Such a fine addition to Palestinian society.

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Dealing With the Devil

Posted by redsatellite on July 16, 2008

Israel and Hezbollah have completed their ignominious exchange. Two dead Israeli soldiers have now been returned home.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah guerrillas turned over to Israel two coffins believed to contain the bodies of Israeli soldiers captured two years ago, setting in motion a dramatic prisoner exchange between the bitter enemies Wednesday.

The swap- mediated by a U.N. appointed German official who shuttled between the sides for 18 months- is likely to be a significant boost for Hezbollah at a time when the guerrillas are regaining their footing following the blows they suffered in a 2006 war against Israel. It also closes a painful chapter for Israel, which launched a war in against Hezbollah response to the soldiers’ capture in a cross-border raid.

Unbelievable. Israel should’ve never ever ever ever agreed to this. Ever.

Though officials had suspected Goldwasser and Regev were dead, the sight of the coffins was the first concrete sign of the young men’s fate. Their Hezbollah captors had withheld any information about them since they were captured on July 12, 2006.

“We are handing over the two Israeli soldiers that were captured by the resistance … and whose fate has been unknown until this moment,” Safa [Hezbollah official] said. “Now you know their fate.”

Unknown until this moment? SAY WHAT? You lying sack of feces. With any luck, you and your monstrous ilk will be eradicated from the face of the earth and find a special place in Hell.

The sorrow that swept across Israel with the images of the coffins contrasted sharply with the hero’s welcome that awaited convicted killer Samir Kantar upon his return to a homeland he left 29 years ago to set out on his deadly mission.

This is a horrible mistake. Olmert will rue the day.

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When You Lie Down with Dogs, You Wake Up with Fleas

Posted by redsatellite on April 17, 2008

Reuters is at it again. And their deception, as usual, is at an all time high. Yesterday, they lost a cameraman in Gaza to an Israeli attack on Hamas. So naturally, those awful Israelis are completely to blame:

Israeli shell killed Reuters cameraman: Gaza doctors 


A medical examination showed on Thursday that metal darts from an Israeli tank shell that explodes in the air caused the death of a Reuters cameraman killed a day earlier in the Gaza Strip, doctors said.X-rays displayed by physicians who examined the body of Fadel Shana in Gaza’s Shifa hospital showed several of the controversial weapons, known as flechettes, embedded in the 23-year-old Palestinian’s chest and legs.

Shana was covering events in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip for Reuters on a day of intense violence when 16 other Palestinians and three Israeli soldiers were also killed.

“The markings on Fadel Shana’s vehicle showed clearly and unambiguously that he was a professional journalist doing his duty. We and the military must work together urgently to understand why this tragedy took place and how similar incidents can be avoided in the future,” Schlesinger added.



Uh wait just doggone Arafat minute. Did someone say the cameraman was Palestinian? He is a Palestinian, ostensibly working for Reuters, and he’s HANGING OUT WITH Hamas?

Several hundred people, mainly local journalists, marched in Shana’s funeral procession on Thursday. His body was draped in a Palestinian flag and his shattered camera and flak jacket were borne aloft on a separate stretcher. 


I’m sure he and his fellow ‘journalists’ were reporting for Reuters OBJECTIVELY. Ignored in all of this- of course– is the fact that Mr. Shana was traveling with Hamas….and Israel was responding to an earlier premeditated AMBUSH by Hamas. An attack that killed 3 Israeli soldiers!

Whatdya expect Einstein? You’re a Palestinian traveling with Hamas. They’ve just ambushed and killed 3 Israelis. So, UNDERSTANDABLY, Israel responds with force. Any culpability on your part? Yes.


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