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Posted by zaphriel on August 31, 2007

or have we?

William Kristol has a few words on that.

A Pathetic Preemptive Strike

The Washington Post, working hand-in-glove with Democrats in Congress, has gotten out front in preparing the domestic battlefield for September’s fight over the war in Iraq. The Post led today’s paper with an account of a leaked draft report from the Congressionally-controlled Government Accountability Office (the GAO’s final report is due next Tuesday). The headline: “Report Finds Little Progress on Iraq Goals; GAO Draft at Odds with White House.” Here’s the good news: If this is the best war opponents have to offer, the administration is in amazingly good shape going into September.

The Post reporters–both strongly anti-Iraq war–characterize the GAO judgments as “strikingly negative.” But there’s nothing striking about them. The Democratic Congress ensured that the report would deliver negative “grades” for the Iraqi government by asking the GAO to evaluate whether or not the benchmarks have been met now–just two months after the major combat operations of the surge began. For the report from the White House, Congress asked the administration to detail if the Iraqis are making “sufficient progress.” But Congress asked the GAO, by contrast, to report if the Iraqis had “completed” the benchmarks. This ridiculous standard was a Congressional trap that forced the GAO to waste time and taxpayer money to come out with a pre-ordained and meaningless judgment, since no one ever promised or expected that the Iraqis would have met the benchmarks by now. And the GAO report doesn’t really shed light on the key question: Are the Iraqis making progress? … read the rest

Hmm… Interesting

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Fish Or Cut Bait Fred

Posted by Mark on August 31, 2007

Today was to be the day. At least, that’s what a ‘source close’ to the campaign revealed. His long awaited, much anticipated campaign for presidency looked to launch….finally. Uh..NOT SO FAST buckaroo.

Campaign officials now say there will not be a 4:30 conference call for the media. Rather, the campaign will put out information for the press in a statement. Stay tuned for details later this afternoon.

C’ mon.

Look Fred, either you’re ALL IN or you’re not. Time to fish or cut bait good buddy. Either put on the tux and go to the prom or stay home and watch reruns of Gilligan.

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You don’t say!

Posted by zaphriel on August 30, 2007



Hmmm…. interesting, very interesting.

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Posted by Mark on August 30, 2007

I read two articles today that outline the STARK- and I do mean stark- contrast of people’s perception of our Federal Government. First, this from the New York Post:

James Chaney spent the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina doing what he’s been doing since the killer storm crashed ashore – working on a damaged home.

Two years after Katrina hit, a storm of bitterness and anger has yet to clear. While memorials were held to mark the day, residents fumed about the government’s response and marched to demand help.

“We want people to know that nothing is being done to help people here,” said Samuel Banks, 40, as he marched with about 1,000 other protesters Wednesday. “How can the city rebuild if nobody has money or jobs?”

Uh oh- the dreaded- it’s all ‘George Bush’s fault’ syndrome. Now for the Washington Times post on what the Federal Government has done for the residents of New Orleans:

The flow of federal dollars to the Gulf Coast two years after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastated the region already exceeds what the U.S. spent on the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe after World War II.

President Bush and Congress have committed more than $127 billion in resources and tax relief for the region — significantly more than inflation-adjusted $107.6 billion directed to 16 countries in Europe between 1947 and 1951.

Hmmm…anyone see a *#$#*@% DISCONNECT?

Okay class, time for a simple math quiz. New Orleans, before Katrina, had roughly 500,000 inhabitants. Yes, if you don’t believe me, look it up. So let’s be generous, let’s say EVERY SINGLE RESIDENT lost their home. Uh….500,000 goes into 127 billion….2 ….carry the…..

Yes ladies and gentlemen, that’s $254,000.00 for every man, woman, and child! What more do you want from the Federal Government- our….not first responder…..not second responder….but our THIRD responder?

Don’t forget- this does not include- the almost 3 billion dollars in private donations! (And let’s say that went to ALL the other victims in the region.)

I keep waiting for a new star to appear on our U.S. flag. Yep, a star representing our newest state in the union. Our 51st – the NANNY state.

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South Korea Capitulates

Posted by Mark on August 29, 2007

South Korea has decided to give in to the terrorists. Like the Philippines did 3 years ago, South Korea has decided to give up.

Taliban militants released eight South Korean hostages on Wednesday, the first of 19 captives scheduled to be freed under a deal struck between the insurgents and the South Korean government.

Appeasement + Capitulation = Defeat

To secure the hostages’ release, South Korea reaffirmed a pledge to withdraw its 200 troops from Afghanistan by the end of this year and prevent South Korean Christian missionaries from working there.

They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin

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Kicking Mohammed When He’s Down

Posted by Mark on August 28, 2007

Insulting Islam is easy to do- much like BREATHING. Yah….everytime you breathe, in essence, somewhere- someone has insulted Islam. If you kick a soccer ball with the Saudi flag on it, hey you MISERABLE INFIDEL- you’ve kicked Mohammed in the groin.

The U.S. military regrets any offense it may have caused by handing out a soccer ball emblazoned with the name of Allah on it as part of a public relations exercise in Afghanistan, a spokesman said.

At least one of the balls — which were dropped by helicopter to children in Khost province in eastern Afghanistan on Friday — carried a small picture of the Saudi Arabian flag. The flag features in Arabic script the Islamic declaration of faith, which contains the words Allah and the Prophet Muhammad.

Villagers were “upset and angry” when they saw the ball, said Khost governor Arsalah Jamal. “They wanted to demonstrate, but we explained to them it was a mistake,” he said Monday.

Well heavens to burqa babes, I’m ‘upset and angry’ that we report that Muslims are upset and angry! Day in and day out, week after week, year after year, 24/7, somewhere in the world angry Muslims are upset- rioting, killing, and retaliating for perceived insults.

Long live the infidels.

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Shades Of Gray

Posted by Mark on August 27, 2007

The reason conservatives these days are so disgusted with Washington is simple. Nothing is black and white. No…..everything now, is an endless sea of gray. Yes moral equivocation and equivalency, that steadfast noxious belief system of leftwing liberals, has managed to somehow find its way into the minds of our ENTIRE justice system. No, I’m not kidding.

How else can you explain this:

The Justice Department is co-sponsoring a convention held by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) — an unindicted co-conspirator in an ongoing federal terrorist funding case — a move that is raising concerns among the Justice’s rank and file.

Justice lawyers have objected to the affiliation with ISNA, fearing it will undermine the case against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development in Dallas. “There is outrage among lawyers that the Department of Justice is funding a group named as a co-conspirator in a terrorist financing case,” said a Justice lawyer who spoke to The Washington Times on the condition of anonymity.

According to an e-mail from Susana Lorenzo-Giguere, acting deputy chief of the Voting Rights Division, the sponsorship will involve sending government lawyers to man a booth for the Labor Day weekend event in Illinois.

SAY WHAT? Get a load of this infected reasoning…

“This is an important outreach opportunity, and a chance to reach a community that is at once very much discriminated against, and very wary of the national government and its willingness to protect them,” Mrs. Lorenzo-Giguere said in an e-mail obtained by The Washington Times.

“It would be a great step forward to break through those barriers. And Chicago is lovely this time of year,” Mrs. Lorenzo-Giguere said.

ISNA is one of more than 300 unindicted co-conspirators in a case against the Holy Land Foundation, whose top officers are accused of raising money for Hamas.

No, what would be ‘lovely’ Ms. Giguere is- for you is to get a cerebral cortex TRANSPLANT. Make that an ‘outreach opportunity’! Yep, an opportunity for you to reach out and get a NEW brain.

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All Liberals, Social Democrats, and John Kerry- Pay Attention

Posted by Mark on August 24, 2007

If you were with us in our last episode, I posted an elevator version of Economics 101. And how reducing our taxes will actually increase tax revenue- and thus reducing our DEFICIT…..behold:

2004: $413 billion
2005: $318 billion
2006: $248 billion
2007: $158 billion

Yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office released its own updated estimate for 2007, $158 billion, a deficit even smaller than the White House’s July figure. The CBO yesterday also released its latest estimate of the 2007 deficit as a percentage of the Gross Domestic Product, allowing us to update another list of deficit numbers:

2004: 3.6%
2005: 2.6%
2006: 1.9%
2007: 1.2%

The CBO’s estimate of the 2007 deficit at 1.2% of GDP is significantly lower than the White House’s July estimate of 1.5% of GDP, which we used back in the July 12 editorial, and well below the 40-year average of 2.4%. In other words, the case is stronger than ever that President Bush’s tax cuts, rather than creating a budget deficit, are fueling economic growth that is swelling federal revenues and shrinking the deficit.

Democrats responded to yesterday’s good news on the budget by predicting that the red ink would start flooding again in future years as the bills for entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security come due.

IS THAT A HOOT? Responding to good news with the notion that red ink will start flooding again?

That’s like someone who survives a bout of cancer being told by a colleague that well….heck…in another 30 years or so- you’re going to die anyway.

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Sign You Up?

Posted by Mark on August 23, 2007


Apparently, there are millions of Americans who are miserable. And if you are one of those miserable Americans, I hope you can read the signs.

How much do Americans hate their jobs? A Gallup poll found that about 77% of Americans hate their jobs. Another found Americans hate their jobs more than in the past 20 years; fewer than half say they’re satisfied. Other surveys have found that 87% of Americans don’t like their jobs.

The author identifies the 3 signs of job misery.

The first is anonymity, which is the feeling that employees get when they realize that their manager has little interest in them a human being and that they know little about their lives, their aspirations and their interests.

The second sign is irrelevance, which takes root when employees cannot see how their job makes a difference in the lives of others. Every employee needs to know that the work they do impacts someone’s life – a customer, a co-worker, even a supervisor – in one way or another.

The third sign is something I call immeasurement, which I realize isn’t actually a word. It’s the inability of employees to assess for themselves their contribution or success. Employees who have no means of measuring how well they are doing on a given day or in a given week, must rely on the subjective opinions of others, usually their managers, to gauge their progress or contribution.

With that many people unhappy…it’s no wonder….Misery loves company.

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Global Warming Bakes NYC

Posted by Mark on August 22, 2007

This just in…New York City is scorching….topping out at 59 degrees yesterday.

Don’t forget to bundle up if you’re headed out in New York City today. After all, it is August 21.The city along with the rest of the tri-state region is feeling the chilly effect of a cold front sweeping through the region, accompanied by cool rain showers.

Tuesday’s high temperature in Central Park was just 59 degrees. The normal high for today is 82 degrees. The normal low is 67.

This unusual blast of cold air smashed our previous record for the coldest high temperature on August 21, which is 64 degrees, set back in 1999,” CBS 2 meteorologist Jason Cali told fact, the 59-degree high tied the record for the coldest high temperature ever for the month of August in New York City, when it reached just 59 degrees in 1911.


All this Global Warming and NY City is no warmer now than it was 96 YEARS AGO.

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