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Tornado Central

Posted by Mark on May 10, 2007 is the place to go for storm chasing. Great stuff. Worth looking at, bookmarking, and returning to again and again.


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Yet Another Reason Why America is Unraveling

Posted by Mark on May 10, 2007

Illegal immigrants, aliens, Un-documented workers, LAW-BREAKERS (my personal favorite)…. continue to hide under the cloak of the church.

Churches in five big U.S. cities plan to protect illegal immigrants from deportation, offering their buildings as sanctuary if need be, as they pressure lawmakers to create a path to citizenship for the nation’s estimated 12 million illegal immigrants.

On Wednesday, a Catholic church in Los Angeles and a Lutheran church in North Hollywood each sheltered one person, and churches in other cities plan to do so in coming months as part of the “New Sanctuary Movement.”

We want to put a human face to very complex immigration laws and awaken the consciousness of the human spirit,” said Father Richard Estrada of Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic Church in Los Angeles.

Yah…and I want to put those human faces in jail. Or deport them- so they can get in line with the millions of other LAW-ABIDING folks who are coming from OTHER COUNTRIES other than Mexico.

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