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A Chinese Fire Drill

Posted by redsatellite on October 1, 2008

Okay…I admit it. I didn’t think I would ever utter the word- Melamine. I mean…c’mon- did you? I actually thought I would go my entire life not knowing what it means nor having to PRONOUNCE it. I do….a week of this nonsense finally has it on my radar.

And I tried so hard to ignore it.

An additional 31 batches of Chinese milk powder were found contaminated with the industrial chemical melamine, China’s government said Wednesday, further broadening a scandal affecting products ranging from baby formula to chocolate.

The contamination has been blamed for the deaths of four children and kidney ailments among 54,000 others. More than 13,000 children have been hospitalized and 27 people arrested in connection with the tainting.

Now you know why. Even in the land of one billion people….this is turning ugly.

Melamine, which is high in nitrogen, is used to make plastics and fertilizers and experts say some amount of the chemical may be transferred from the environment during food processing.

But in China’s case, suppliers trying to boost output are believed to have diluted their milk, adding melamine because its nitrogen content can fool tests aimed at verifying protein content. Melamine can cause kidney stones, leading to kidney failure. Infants are particularly vulnerable.

The scandal was worsened by an apparent cover-up by companies involved and the ignoring by safety officials of tips and warnings from parents and doctors.

Sad AND ugly. Consider yourself…informed.

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