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Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Peggy Noonan

Posted by Mark on January 25, 2008

The civil war feared by the Left for Iraq didn’t happen. At least not in Iraq.

It has happened in the Republican and Democrat parties this year, and it’s a good thing…a very good thing.

The cause of the breakup of the old conservative base of the GOP is brilliantly analyzed by Peggy Noonan. As usual, she is the best columnist out there. At the end of her column, she says what needs to be said:

On the pundit civil wars, Rush Limbaugh declared on the radio this week, “I’m here to tell you, if either of these two guys [Mr. McCain or Mike Huckabee] get the nomination, it’s going to destroy the Republican Party. It’s going to change it forever, be the end of it!”

This is absurd. George W. Bush destroyed the Republican Party, by which I mean he sundered it, broke its constituent pieces apart and set them against each other. He did this on spending, the size of government, war, the ability to prosecute war, immigration and other issues.

Were there other causes? Yes, of course. But there was an immediate and essential cause.

And this needs saying, because if you don’t know what broke the elephant you can’t put it together again. The party cannot re-find itself if it can’t trace back the moment at which it became lost. It cannot heal an illness whose origin is kept obscure.

I believe that some of the ferocity of the pundit wars is due to a certain amount of self-censorship. It’s not in human nature to enjoy self-censorship. The truth will out, like steam from a kettle. It hurts to say something you supported didn’t work. I would know. But I would say of these men (why, in the continuing age of Bill Clinton, does the emoting come from the men?) who are fighting one another as they resist naming the cause for the fight: Sack up, get serious, define. That’s the way to help.

 I’m still very much a George W. Bush fan. If he could run for a third term, I’d vote for him without hesitation. This support does not in any way cloud my agreement with Peggy Noonan.  And, until we admit what President Bush has done to the Party, we cannot begin to put it back together again in time to confront the Clintons in November.

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