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It Took A While

Posted by Mark on May 7, 2007

Almost two years ago, I wrote about two unknowns who had a great chance of becoming the next leaders of France and Germany- and now it is so. Dagnabbit! Uh…I only wish I was this good at picking numbers for the lottery.

France was Monday looking ahead to a new political era after conservative Nicolas Sarkozy took a decisive victory in presidential elections that he claimed as a five year mandate for change. Sarkozy was expected to waste no time in pushing through promised reforms aimed at shaking up France’s labor market to revive the country’s flagging economy.

Sarkozy won with 53 percent of the vote in Sunday’s presidential runoff, according to preliminary results issued by the French Interior Ministry. Socialist Segolene Royal took 47 percent of the vote.

The harsh reality is- the secular liberal policies in France will hit Sarkozy like a French Chef’s frying pan to THE FACE. I don’t expect much….but at least I can say AU REVOIR to that duplicitous, faux-intellect and all around bon-chuckleheaded-vivant– Jacques Chirac.

I love it. Gerhard Schroeder…gone, Kofi Annan…gone, and now Chirac. Sacre bleu!

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