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Phony Soldiers, Rush Limbaugh, and Democrat Pratfalls

Posted by Mark on September 29, 2007

The Influence Peddler has the definitive post on a “controversy” you’ll hear more about on Monday. Surely the Dems have better things to do with their majority in both Houses? Of course, distractions like this keep them from doing any real harm…

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The Pelosians, the Picardians, and the Repeating Cycle of History

Posted by Mark on September 29, 2007

A trip to the future. Unfortunately, sub-titles are not included for those not fluent in Star Trek.

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Archaeology and The Bible

Posted by Mark on September 29, 2007

I’ve been reading The Stones Cry Out by Randall Price, a look at some of the finds of archeology that confirm and amplify the Bible. Great stuff.

Archaeology and the Synoptic Gospels: Which way do the rocks roll? is an excellent look at the latest finds that corroborate the historicity of the Gospels. The many links in this article are well worth exploring. One of the best links is to this one, from Good stuff.

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Leaving California Was The Best Decision Ever

Posted by Mark on September 28, 2007

Most everyone I speak to these days, wants to know why I left California. When I arrived in California in 1985, I thought I had found paradise. When I drove out of there, two months ago, I thought I was escaping Hell.

There is no more SHINING EXAMPLE of why I did, than what is transpiring in San Francisco this week:

Organizers of San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair — sponsored by Miller Brewing Co. – have come up with a bizarre and offensive poster to promote the self-described “world’s largest leather event”. The poster depicts Christ and His disciples as leather clad homosexual sadomasochists and instead of sharing bread and wine they are shown with a table full of sex toys.

An S&M Last Supper…..uh…ya…if you are at a loss for words- you’re not alone.

Yes, I realize this possibly could happen somewhere else in America. I might’ve been born at night- but it wasn’t last night. But there is MORE to this story (and in California, trust me, there is ALWAYS more to the story)….and absolutely one of the most important reasons why I had had enough of these vile moonbats, loons, and leftwing moral relativists.

If you pay taxes or stay at a hotel in the city/county of San Francisco, Calif., some of your money is going toward the homosexual “leather” event being held in the area this weekend. That fact led a conservative activist to state that the festival’s government and corporate sponsors have gotten into the “perversion business.”

The Folsom Street Fair, which is expected to draw more than 300,000 people from around the world on Sunday, lists among its “Supporting Sponsors” two government departments: Grants for the Arts and SF Environment.

Enough already.

Yes…your taxes. Had I been visiting the city of San Francisco this weekend, showing my family the sights and staying at a local hotel, I would’ve been paying for this disturbing bacchanalia. Granted Orlando and Disney World, may not be the ‘Happiest Place On Earth’- but I certainly feel BETTER about where my taxes go.

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The Road to Burma

Posted by Mark on September 27, 2007

The road to Burma, (aka. Myanmar) regretfully, will soon be paved with dead Buddhist monks. Uh….nine so far, but you can expect hundreds- if not thousands more.

The world now knows about Burma’s struggling Buddhist drive for democracy, but the dictator who rules the country is still obscure, grimly hidden behind dark sunglasses and a uniform decorated with military medals.

Crushing dissidents and democracy is nothing new to this government. In fact, it’s a rather gruesome pastime.

The current uprising by Buddhist monks, pro-democracy activists and ordinary people echoes the popular insurrection of 1988 that Gen. Than Shwe and other military leaders crushed. An estimated 1,000 to 3,000 people perished in that idealistic attempt to topple the regime. Many people now fear an equally bloody confrontation.

This week’s confrontation is a mere skirmish by comparison.

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Nine Will Decide Two

Posted by Mark on September 26, 2007

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear and RENDER a decision on two potentially explosive issues. And the volatility of those two, leaves me vigorously rubbing my hands together in anticipation. Yah…I can’t wait!

Issue number 1:

The Supreme Court on Tuesday agreed to consider the constitutionality of lethal injections in a case that could affect the way inmates are executed around the country.

Issue number 2:

The Supreme Court agreed yesterday to decide whether voter identification laws unfairly deter the poor and minorities from voting, stepping into a contentious partisan issue in advance of the 2008 elections.

As a conservative, I could EASILY extol, purport, and deliver- with fervent vitriol- my positions. To me these 2…are in essence….NO BRAINERS. But, I will refrain. Today….I’ve decided to just inform and stand aside, while you stew, mull, evaluate and contemplate.

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Posted by zaphriel on September 25, 2007


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The Next Target: Our Schools, Our Children

Posted by Mark on September 25, 2007

This piece by Marc Shepherd will go in the Required Reading section of LJiC. My hope is I can look back on this article years from now and laugh at our paranoia over the “perceived” threat of terrorism. That’s my hope, but reality has a way of dashing unfounded hopes, doesn’t it?

There was a great deal of talk about “connecting the dots” a few years ago. Well, take a look at these “dots.”

While Democrats prepare witless campaign slogans blaming Republicans for millions of children not protected by health insurance, al Qaeda’s blatant threat to exterminate 2 million American kids remains unheeded. And it will likely continue to be, notwithstanding mounting evidence that there exists no peril on Earth our young need greater protection from today than merciless jihadist monsters.

Not lack of a national insurance plan. Not global warming. Not racial or cultural disparities. Not even the Patriot Act, any of its overplayed incursions into individual liberties, or any of the other countless silly and diaphanous liberal causes célèbres, but rather that which would abruptly and savagely end their innocent short lives.

Nearly 6 months have passed since I first challenged the inexcusable refusal by DHS and FBI authorities to publicly connect the obviously connectable dots representing an unnerving number of alarming events — particularly in the wake of the Beslan school massacre. These include:

* Videotapes confiscated in Afghanistan showing al-Qaeda terrorists training to takeover a school [newly available Video]
* Spokesman Suleiman Abu Gheith‘s declaration of al-Qaeda’s “right” to kill 2 million American children
* An Iraqi national with known terrorist connections caught with a computer disk containing information detailing Department of Education crisis planning for U.S school districts.
* Two Saudi men – one wearing a black trench coat despite the Florida heat — terrifying a busload of Tampa schoolchildren by boarding a school bus and remaining for the entire ride to school, all the while laughing and speaking Arabic.
* A March FBI/DHS bulletin noting “recent suspicious activity” by foreigners who drive school buses, are licensed to drive them, or have actually managed to purchase them right here at home. Including “members of the unnamed extremist groups” who have obtained commercial drivers licenses with school bus endorsements.
* Osama bin Laden’s promise that the 2004 terrorist attack at Beslan will happen many times over in the United States.

In that time, little or nothing has been done to relieve parents’ understandable anxieties, despite the fresh dots which continued to accrue on this disturbing non-puzzle.

Dots like the seventeen full-sized yellow school buses reported stolen from charter schools, business schools and private bus companies in Houston, Texas, over the past few months. Connect to that and previous disturbing stories the fact that thousands of school bus radios have also been stolen (2000 in California in 2005 alone), and the images shaped should be triggering earsplitting alarms throughout all branches of media and law enforcement.

But instead — the silence looms apparent while the question remains: Why?

This is an important piece.

The Glen Beck video from CNN mentioned above is another warning cry. I strongly urge the readers of LJiC to watch this series, and spread the word. One of the guests in the video asks “What part of ‘We are at war, and our children are threatened do we not understand?” Are we living in a September 10th world in regards to this threat? I pray we are not.

Amen. How in the world can we ignore this threat, this thing the Islamists call “The Perfect Day?”

This video of Beslan continues to haunt. And yes, it can happen here. Beslan was a dress rehearsal for Al-Qaeda’s attack on America.

We fight World War IV on many fronts. Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, The Philippines, are but a few of the locations. Military, Economic, Technological are but a few of the ways. The Islamo-Fascists continue to find new ways to attack us, in ways the Nazis never dreamed of. While the evil of Iran speaks to the United Nations, his allies plan attacks on our children and our schools.

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Ahmadinejad Comes Out of the Closet

Posted by Mark on September 25, 2007

Nothing like having a world stage, and an insatiable New York press, to capture Ahmadinejad’s comments yesterday. I particularly like two of them. And if liberals continue to support this duplicitous miscreant thug, they truly are as ignorant as he is:

Asked about his government’s persecution of gays, Mr Ahmadinejad said: “In Iran we do not have homosexuals like in your country. We do not have this phenomenon. I don’t know who told you we have it,” he said.

I’m sure liberal gays were stunned to learn this. Me? I thought is was grand theatre, in short, I thought it was HILARIOUS! Kind of makes him difficult to defend, huh Rosie?

He brushed off questions about human rights abuses in Iran, saying that people there were “very joyous, happy people” and that the women were “the freest women in the world”.

Oh really?

I’m sure liberal progressive women in the audience BOUGHT THAT. Put me down for GUFFAW number 2. Women in Iran are free?….In an Islamic fundamentalist patriarchal society where imams, mullahs, and ayatollahs dictate all social behavior?….oh yah…..I’m sure women are equal.

What a crock of Persian EXCRETA!

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The Law Of Unintended Consequences

Posted by Mark on September 24, 2007

The Bush Derangement Syndrome, known in the medical field as BDS, is a disease NOT of the body…but of the mind. Clearly, the disease has become an epidemic. How else do you explain this:

A four word editorial with a four letter word in it is sparking a spirited discussion on free speech at Colorado State University. The Rocky Mountain Collegian published an editorial on page 4 of the paper Friday which read “Taser this … F*** Bush.”

The expletive was spelled out.

I think we all ‘GET’ the free speech part of this story. We do. I will defend to the death, your right to say anything you want. But does a malevolent pejorative HEADLINE like that in a major college newspaper actually advance your protest?

What makes it worse, the editor who wrote that opinion tried to use a contemporary event to make it ‘hip, catchy’ and ‘current’. (If you haven’t seen or heard of the “Don’t Taser Me Bro’ video making the rounds, well…you’ve been asleep for the last 72 hours.)

The editorial comes fresh on the heels of freedom of speech issues that arose from the Tasering of a Florida student at a Sen. John Kerry speech. Collegian Editor David McSwane said a group of seven student editors discussed the statement for several hours before agreeing to publish it.

The Associated Press Saturday reported the student newspaper has lost $30,000 in advertising and had to cut pay and other budgets by 10 percent because of fallout.

“We felt it illustrated our point about freedom of speech,” McSwane told 7NEWS. “I think we could write 250 words and ramble on and I don’t think anyone would pay attention.” In a letter to the University Community and Collegian readers, McSwane wrote, “While the editorial board feels strongly with regard to First Amendment issues, we have found the unintended consequences of such a bold statement to be extremely disheartening.”


You basically told the President of the United States- F.U. And you’re ‘disheartened’ that people object? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is where liberals have a COMPLETE disconnect with reality.

If Colorado and colleges seem to ring a bell with you…well think: Ward Churchill. A-ha! (Now you remember, huh?) The poison that infects our college campuses today runs rampant and unimpeded. And I’m not sure what can be done to change this destructive behavior. Oh yah-by the by, AhmadineJIHAD will likely be speaking to Columbia University today. He is now more welcome there and in Colorado than our own President.

I find that profoundly disturbing, reprehensible, and irresponsible.

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