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Faith Blogging

Posted by Mark on November 27, 2007

Good article on faith bloggers across all denominations.  Misses the boat by painting all faith bloggers as “contentious.”

For a more balanced list of faith bloggers,take a look at Hugh Hewitt’s list under God Blogging.

I would draw particular attention to Mark D. Roberts.

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Archbishop of Can’t You Bury Your Head Part II

Posted by Mark on November 27, 2007

What does it mean to be Anglican?
J.I. Packer gives a lucid and profound answer.

The Episcopal Church in the USA and Canada has a very different answer to this question.

The Archbishop of Canterbury (traditional “head” of the Anglican Communion) finds himself caught in the middle, watching the communion split while he waxes poetic about “western modernity.”

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Gorebal Cooling

Posted by Mark on November 27, 2007

SO the latest satellite data shows earth has taken a nasty turn for the worse. Um…worse at least for Gorebal Warming advocates. This from the UK Times:

Christopher Booker: Planet-saving madness

The scare over global warming, and our politicians’ response to it, is becoming ever more bizarre. On the one hand we have the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change coming up with yet another of its notoriously politicised reports, hyping up the scare by claiming that world surface temperatures have been higher in 11 of the past 12 years (1995-2006) than ever previously recorded.

This carefully ignores the latest US satellite figures showing temperatures having fallen since 1998, declining in 2007 to a 1983 level – not to mention the newly revised figures for US surface temperatures showing that the 1930s had four of the 10 warmest years of the past century, with the hottest year of all being not 1998, as was previously claimed, but 1934.

Hmmm…seems we have an INCONVENIENT TRUTH here. Heavens to glacial ice packs- the earth may be cooling!

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