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The Lights You See In the City of Lights- Uh…That’s FIRE

Posted by Mark on November 28, 2007

So the City of Lights is burning….AGAIN. Yah…seems those French ‘youths’ are on the rampage….renewing their love of arson and mayhem.

This time around, the violence came faster and more furiously than in 2005.

During 200 nights of clashes between ghetto youth and riot police that year, there was only one death and sporadic injuries. But after only two nights of confrontations this week, 80 police officers were hospitalized, including six who were seriously injured when rioters assaulted them with stones, gas bombs and firecrackers.

At least two dozen officers were hit by pellets fired from guns.”We’re not talking about urban violence anymore, we’re talking about insurrection,” says Patrice Ribeiro, head of the police union Synergie Officers. “It’s more violent than in 2005. . . . We have armed people shooting at police. We knew it was going to happen and it happened.”

Ghetto YOUTH? Uh…no…make that Ghetto MUSLIMS. Let’s quit with the ‘disaffected youths’ and the ‘displaced youths’ or the ‘disenfranchised’ or the- pick a @$%ing pseudo-erudite term!

They are criminals.

They are thugs….but most of all, they are MUSLIM punks. And the liberal press CONTINUES to obfuscate. (Note my earlier post from last year.) VIOLENT Muslims. Crazy young Muslims. Vicious disturbed Muslims.

Uh.…got it?

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