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Joe – A tiny sip of sanity

Posted by zaphriel on November 13, 2007

Joe, the last and only reason i’d vote for a Democra…(cough) Independant.

He seems to be the only man speaking from a point of sanity.

Between 2002 and 2006, there was a battle within the Democratic Party. . . . We could rightly criticize the Bush administration when it failed to live up to its own rhetoric, or when it bungled the execution of its policies. But I felt that we should not minimize the seriousness of the threat from Islamist extremism, or the fundamental rightness of the muscular, internationalist, and morally self-confident response that President Bush had chosen in response to it.

But that was not the choice most Democrats made. . . . Since retaking Congress in November 2006, the top foreign policy priority of the Democratic Party has not been to expand the size of our military for the war on terror or to strengthen our democracy promotion efforts in the Middle East or to prevail in Afghanistan. It has been to pull our troops out of Iraq, to abandon the democratically elected government there, and to hand a defeat to President Bush.

-more @ The Weekly Standard

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Culture Of Death Is Now Trite

Posted by Mark on November 13, 2007

I’ve realized, recently, using the term Culture of Death to describe the Palestinians has become trite- almost cliche. The term is so connected to these people, that the meaning has lost MUCH of its impact. Killing is not only a way of life to them, it is mandatory as compensation for surviving their teenage years and making it to adulthood.

Hamas security forces moved swiftly against their Fatah rivals in the aftermath of a mass Fatah rally that ended with seven people dead, rounding up 400 people in an overnight crackdown, Fatah officials said Tuesday.

The detainees included dozens of the rally’s organizers, Fatah spokesman Hazem Abu Shanab said. Hamas officials were not immediately available for comment.

Monday’s rally, a memorial service for the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, drew 250,000 people, making it Fatah’s biggest show of force in Gaza since Hamas took control of the coastal territory in June. It ended in the worst violence Gaza has seen since the Hamas takeover, with seven civilians killed and 85 wounded as Hamas men opened fire on protesters.

I wonder if anyone has done a study to determine: at what point will this TRIBE of people become extinct? Afterall, what’s the current ratio of deaths to newborns in Gaza? What is the average lifespan of a healthy male Palestinian? 24…..maybe 25?

Inquiring minds need to know.

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