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San Francisco: Sanctuary for Murderers

Posted by redsatellite on July 23, 2008

Lo siento mucho!

I want San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom to say (…and in perfect accented Spanish no less) that to the WIFE of Anthony Bologna and his two children- Matthew and Michael.

Local and federal authorities in San Francisco are pointing the figure at each other over who is to blame for the March release of an illegal immigrant now charged with triple murder.

Officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department are blaming each other for the release of Edwin Ramos, 21, the Salvadoran national charged with the murders last month of Anthony Bologna and his two sons as they were returning home from a picnic.

Yep. On 3 different occasions…they could’ve deported this illegal murderer. But…no. It’s more important that the city defy federal law- and provide sanctuary to illegal aliens.

The case prompted public outcry after it emerged that when Ramos was 17, because of the city’s sanctuary policy, local officials did not contact the feds to determine his immigration status when he was convicted on two gang-related felonies. He also was arrested with an acquaintance earlier this year on a gun charge.

A father and his 2 sons are dead because of the city’s complete disregard for our country’s immigration laws. That is PROFOUNDLY unconscionable.

2 Responses to “San Francisco: Sanctuary for Murderers”

  1. jasonsonenshein said

    …this illegal murderer.

    As opposed to all those legal murderers out there

  2. redsatellite said

    No…as opposed to all those illegal non-murderers, aliens who’ve only broken the law ONCE.

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