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Chicken Liberal…The Sky is Falling…The Sky is Falling

Posted by redsatellite on July 22, 2008

The connection hit me like a lightening bolt. Chicken Little’s parents were both liberal moonbats. Which…quite literally- explains everything:

Ebola Virus?
Avian Influenza?
Killer Bees?
Global Warming?

Yep. All of those were/are/will be PANDEMICS. Humanity facing extinction…massive death. Each and every day-urban newspapers scream one new panic outbreak after another. Non-stop verbal kerosene and a match. Now..from the liberal rag- The Independent- comes this report:

The world is failing to guard against the inevitable spread of a devastating flu pandemic which could kill 50 million people and wreak massive disruption around the globe, the [British] Government has warned.

The Government said: “While there has not been a pandemic since 1968, another one is inevitable.” Ministers said it would could kill between two and 50 million people worldwide and that such an outbreak would leave up to 75,000 people dead in Britain and cause “massive” disruption.

Their report said: “We have been warned that an influenza pandemic is overdue and that when – rather than if – it comes the effects could be devastating, particularly if the strain of the virus should be of the H5N1 variety that has been seen in south-east Asia in recent years.

Oh heck…it’s over folks…… everybody:


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