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Obama’s JFK Speech

Posted by redsatellite on July 24, 2008

The Obama World Tour stops in Berlin today. The media storm and comparison to JFK’s historic visit in June, 1963 is not lost on anyone.

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama arrived in Berlin Thursday morning for a major public address to outline what American foreign policy would look like under his presidency.

German newspapers are predicting that upwards of 100,000 people will throng the central plaza of Berlin’s Tiergarten park where Obama will speak under a golden-winged statue of victory, a 19th century monument to defeats of France, Austria and Denmark in successive wars. More recently, the plaza has been a venue for wildly popular Love Parade techno parties.

If Obama was feeling any jitters before his much-anticipated appearance here, he wasn’t showing it. “I’m happy with the speech,” Obama told reporters aboard his plane. He said he’s been working on it for two weeks. “It’s not a wonkish policy speech.”

Ich bin ein Berliner!
The good news is…there’s no Berlin Wall for Obama to use as a prop. But, I’m sure the liberal press will elevate and attach a ridiculous ‘faux brilliance’ to an otherwise longwinded prosaic DECLAMATION.

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