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They Need Carbon Offsets for a Carbon Summit

Posted by redsatellite on December 2, 2008

The great Global Warming Hoax marches on. This time…the green idiots march into Poland.

Staging a global forum on climate change is a dilemma, as it adds to the very problem it is trying to solve.

Around 13,000 tonnes of
carbon dioxide (CO2) will be added to the Earth’s greenhouse effect from the December 1-12 meeting of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the UNFCCC said. That estimate is based on a turnout of 8,000 people, but as of Sunday 10,657 people had registered for the talks.

If Al Gore shows up…you better add a couple of more tons to that estimate buddy.

Poland, which is hosting the meeting, “plans to offset the total emissions resulting from the conference once a final calculation has been made,” the UNFCCC said.

The hypocrisy of course….is staggering. Ever tried a ‘teleconference’? Perhaps a ‘videoconference’? Here’s a revelation…how about….


Of course you haven’t, you are the chosen ones. The Goracle has blessed you.

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Catastrophic Climate Auditors

Posted by Mark on November 16, 2008

The hottest October on record? Not quite.

A surreal scientific blunder last week raised a huge question mark about the temperature records that underpin the worldwide alarm over global warming. On Monday, Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), which is run by Al Gore’s chief scientific ally, Dr James Hansen, and is one of four bodies responsible for monitoring global temperatures, announced that last month was the hottest October on record.

Surreal? More like more inconvenient truth.

This was startling. Across the world there were reports of unseasonal snow and plummeting temperatures last month, from the American Great Plains to China, and from the Alps to New Zealand. China’s official news agency reported that Tibet had suffered its “worst snowstorm ever”. In the US, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration registered 63 local snowfall records and 115 lowest-ever temperatures for the month, and ranked it as only the 70th-warmest October in 114 years.

So what explained the anomaly? GISS’s computerised temperature maps seemed to show readings across a large part of Russia had been up to 10 degrees higher than normal. But when expert readers of the two leading warming-sceptic blogs, Watts Up With That and Climate Audit, began detailed analysis of the GISS data they made an astonishing discovery. The reason for the freak figures was that scores of temperature records from Russia and elsewhere were not based on October readings at all. Figures from the previous month had simply been carried over and repeated two months running.

For those who would rather think than just feel afraid, here’s the links to Watts Up With That and Climate Audit.  Apparently, the GISS simply cannot provide “proper quality control” over the data they recieve. Of course, if proper quality control was exercised, they may find more inconvenient truth than they bargained for.

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Global Warming Rages Through London

Posted by redsatellite on October 30, 2008

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,
In the lane, snow is glistening

A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight.
Walking in a winter wonderland.

Yah, holding a global warming debate while it’s snowing outside? Hmmm….I wonder who won the debate?

Snow fell as the House of Commons debated Global Warming yesterday – the first October fall in the metropolis since 1922. The Mother of Parliaments was discussing the Mother of All Bills for the last time, in a marathon six hour session.

In order to combat a projected two degree centigrade rise in global temperature, the Climate Change Bill pledges the UK to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 80 per cent by 2050. The bill was receiving a third reading, which means both the last chance for both democratic scrutiny and consent.

SINCE 1922?

Heavens to Queen Elizabeth…say it ain’t so! Heck…at the rate global warming is taking hold of our planet…..we might all be able to build a snowman- by Labor Day.

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Al Gore is Snowing Us Again

Posted by redsatellite on October 11, 2008

Meanwhile….up in Idaho…it’s SNOWING. Yah, looks like all that Global Warming has denizens of the great northwest dreaming of a white– uhh- HALLOWEEN!

Boise gets earliest snow on record
Valley shivers as winter weather makes a premature appearance

Big snow flakes fell early Friday evening, turning Downtown Boise into a giant snow globe for people on their way home from work. The snow caught many people off guard, including this bicyclist heading down Idaho Street between 8th and 9th around 5:45 p.m. Across the Treasure Valley, tree branches heavy with wet, snow-covered leaves fell on power lines, causing scattered power outages.

This is the earliest measurable snowfall in Boise since recordkeeping began in 1898, according to the National Weather Service.

1898? ….Heavens to Bing Crosby! Why knock me over with a snowball. Remind me to thank Al…I may have to make that trip to Sun Valley afterall….hmmm…maybe I’ll go- this FRIDAY.

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The Politics of Guilt

Posted by redsatellite on October 6, 2008

Who knew!

Yah…apparently, secular progressives are dealing with GUILT. What in the name of Pope Benedict XVI is going on?

There’s a Gold Mine In Environmental Guilt
Carbon-Offset Sales Brisk Despite Financial Crisis 

This is strange territory. The Dow is down. Wall Street needs a bailout. But in the Washington area and across the country, there is still a bull market in environmental guilt.

But there is also a cultural factor, the legacy of a complicated decade defined by a “green” awakening and a national splurge in consumer spending. Many people have learned to pay to lessen their climate shame — and, at least for now, they don’t think of it as a luxury purchase.

“I was feeling really guilty because I was basically traveling to three continents in the last month: ‘I’ve spent basically six days on an airplane. I’ve got to fix this,’ ” said Michael Sheets, 27, who lives in the District’s Logan Circle neighborhood.

So a few days ago, Sheets paid $240 to a Silver Spring-based vendor,, choosing its offsets because they were more than $100 cheaper than a comparable package from another offset seller. He got back an e-mail saying that the 52,920 pounds of greenhouse-gas emissions attributable to him for the entire year, including his trips to Trinidad, Thailand and Argentina, had been canceled out.

I couldn’t possibly make this stuff up. Is that a hoot? Agnostics and atheists finally get religion. The Carbon Diety himself, Al Gore, has managed to bring Christianity to people who worship themselves.


And lo’…in the year of our Lord 2008, a blight descended over the land…and they called it Global Warming. And in this time of trouble, the lion laid down with the lamb…and non-believer believers offset their trips to London and Paris with green rosary beads (using only recycled glass) and confessions to the EPA.

And the liberals saw that this was good. Yea varily, they were able to sleep at night. For their consciences were clear-unlike the atmosphere filled with natural CO2 emissions coming from flatulent cows and decaying leaves….

But their leader, the Goracle, was not so lucky. For 40 days and 40 nights it rained on Al’s mansion. And he saw that he was burning too much electricity. More than the normal alloted 22,619 kWh per month. And he was overcome with guilt too. For his flock would not be able to understand his sin- yes they would be green, but not with envy…

And he vowed to pass on his problem to other liberal idiots. In the interest of humanity, they would buy into it- for they walked in the shadow of Michael Moore and feared no conservatives.

On the 41st day, a dove of peace appeared…no not Obama’s dove of peace with terrorists….just a dove who had avoided all the carbon produced by volcanic ash. In that hour of redemption, prosperity came to them once again. Liberals could return to their jobs at the NY Times and Obama’s campaign headquarters…

And other elitists in the Media saw that this was good. So they told the flock to rest.

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Gore Lore

Posted by redsatellite on September 25, 2008

Newsflash. Al Gore and his merry band of green guttersnipes have been OUTED. And even better news….outed by your own liberal brothers- over at the UK Guardian!

Green idealists fail to make grade, says study
David Adam, environment correspondent

People who believe they have the greenest lifestyles can be seen as some of the main culprits behind global warming, says a team of researchers, who claim that many ideas about sustainable living are a myth.

But wait….there’s more.

According to the researchers, people who regularly recycle rubbish and save energy at home are also the most likely to take frequent long-haul flights abroad. The carbon emissions from such flights can swamp the green savings made at home, the researchers claim.

Heavens to Carbon Offsets– say it ain’t so!

Stewart Barr, of Exeter University, who led the research, said: “Green living is largely something of a myth. There is this middle class environmentalism where being green is part of the desired image. But another part of the desired image is to fly off skiing twice a year. And the carbon savings they make by not driving their kids to school will be obliterated by the pollution from their flights.”

Anyone with half a brain….has known about this dirty little kernel of truth for years. I’m just glad someone in the liberal press has ‘fessed up. Of course, this will have absolutely NO IMPACT on Al Gore’s flight plans or the use of electricity in his 10,000 sq. ft. Southern Mansion.

Just another Inconvenient Truth brought to you by the Goracle.

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Gore-bal Warming Infects Washington Post

Posted by redsatellite on September 23, 2008

Like that’s a surprise.

None-the-less, I started out reading a Washington Post article about an issue that separates John McCain from his running mate Sarah Palin- when all of a sudden – the author HIJACKS the entire subject. Yes. Apparently, the writer felt it important that she weigh in.

No one, including Gov. Sarah Palin, questions that Alaska’s climate is changing more rapidly than any other state’s. But her skepticism about the causes and what needs to be done to address the consequences stands in sharp contrast to the views of her running mate, Sen. John McCain, and place her to the right of the Bush administration and several other Republican governors.

Hmmm….sounds innocuous enough, huh? Yep, so they disagree on the reasons behind “climate change”. But then…out of the blue(not green)….like Al Gore at a McDonald’s drivethru…. we get this little Chicken McNugget:

Although Palin established a sub-cabinet to deal with climate change issues a year ago, she has focused on how to adapt to global warming rather than how to combat it, and she has publicly questioned scientists’ near-consensus that human activity plays a role in the rising temperatures.


‘Near consensus’? Where did you get that cockamamie idea? Certainly not from the THIRTY ONE THOUSAND scientists who disagree. And exactly- when- did you get to opine Ms. Eilperin? This article you wrote is NOT posted in the Op/Ed section.

When she established her climate sub-cabinet last September, she said in a news release that Alaskans “are already seeing the effects” of warming: “Coastal erosion, thawing permafrost, retreating sea ice and record forest fires affect our communities and our infrastructure.”

But when environmentalists urged the governor to include language attributing global warming to humans and suggested that the state set a target for limiting greenhouse gas emissions, Palin hedged.

And I’m glad she did. I’m relieved to see Sarah Palin understands the difference between industry CO2 emissions and sunspots and solar flares. Why is it…that liberals like Ms. Eilperin over at the Washington Post can’t remove themselves from the debate? Seriously, they just can’t help themselves…. it’s their nature. They must…and I do mean MUST…dictate the discourse.

Sit down and shut up and just….report.

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No More Steak For You Al

Posted by redsatellite on September 7, 2008

The hysteria surrounding Global Warming…continues to amp up….just as I said it would. I hate being right about this. Al Gore and his minions are out of control.

UN says eat less meat to curb global warming

People should have one meat-free day a week if they want to make a personal and effective sacrifice that would help tackle climate change, the world’s leading authority on global warming has told The Observer

Dr Rajendra Pachauri, chair of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which last year earned a joint share of the Nobel Peace Prize, said that people should then go on to reduce their meat consumption even further.

Uh…remind me to amp up my INTAKE OF RED MEAT. Preferably….a medium rare Ribeye….with a salad….maybe a baked potato…

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Republican Party Rolls Over

Posted by redsatellite on August 29, 2008

And over and over.

A final draft of the Republican Party platform includes a first-ever plank on global warming that says human activity has contributed to climate change. “The same human activity that has brought freedom and opportunity to billions has also increased the amount of carbon in the atmosphere,” the draft reads. “Increased atmospheric carbon has a warming effect on the earth.”

It’s hard to believe this is the same party that produced Ronald Reagan. I’m sure Reagan would be stunned…nay- THUNDERSTRUCK- to learn that his party has endorsed one of the most cockamamie manufactured liberal causes of all time: Global Warming.

John McCain has embraced Amnesty. He has embraced campaign reform. Now John McCain has convinced the Republican Party to embrace Global Warming. Unfortunately, I wish John McCain had stayed home in Sedona, Arizona and embraced his beautiful wife Cindy. (Her warmth makes much more sense.)

The GOP platform was approved by a 112-person platform committee in Minneapolis, Minn., late on Wednesday and will likely be ratified at the Republican National Convention on Monday.

So at the very least- 57 RINO knuckleheads, led by McCain, have approved this…. TWADDLE.

And Republicans wonder why the Democrats are back in power.

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Love is Green

Posted by redsatellite on August 15, 2008

And all this time, I thought Love is Blue.

If you’re looking for eco-love…then set down your algae burger and read this. Heavens to Polar Icecaps, I think the Seattle Post Intelligence has found you a partner!, a personal-connection site for people in the environmental, vegetarian and animal-rights communities, probably has been around the longest, hooking up singles who share a “global consciousness influenced by holistic philosophies, green politics and a willingness to explore the mind, body and spirit” (i.e., tree-huggers looking for love) since 1985.

But hold on to your carbon offsets, there’s MORE!

Uh oh…I feel a song coming on…..

Green Eyed Lady, lovely lady
Strolling slowly towards the sun
Green eyed lady ocean lady
Soothing every wave that comes
Green eyed lady, passion’s lady
dressed in love she lives for life to be
Green eyed lady feels like I never see
Setting suns and lonely lovers free

(Organ solo)(long instrumental break)

Green eyed lady, windswept lady
moves the night the waves the sand
Green eyed lady ocean lady
child of nature, friend of man
Green eyed lady passions lady
dressed in love she lives for life to be
Green eyed lady feels like I never see
Setting sons and lonely lovers free

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