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Paul Ryan,The Distinguished Congressman from Wisconsin…

Posted by Mark on March 24, 2010

I watched the entire healthcare summit between Obama and the Republicans a few weeks ago.

One of the bright spots was Paul Ryan and his charts.  If you didn’t see it, you can get a reprise of it here.

He presents the arguments against Obamacare in stark terms.

He repeats and expands his arguments in the title link of this post.

It will bankrupt our nation.

It will further government’s control of individuals, both employers and employees.

The law as written won’t solve the problems it claims to fix.

The proposals made by Paul Ryan and other Conservatives were shot down by Progressives bent on control and further instituting the nanny state.

There are, as of this posting, 58 comments from right, left, center,and a couple that appear to come from alternate universes.  What is clear is that of these 58, no more than a third actually read Paul Ryan’s opinion peice before putting fingers to keyboard. That’s about par for political discourse today.

If you decide to comment either here or at the Journal-Sentinel, please read the article first. It will help, though not prevent, you from sounding like an idiot.

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