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All Good Things…

Posted by Mark on March 14, 2009

My team teases me about being a Star Trek fan. Naming this final post after the final episode of Star Trek TNG is fitting though. LJiC HAS been a good thing, for me, Matt and Craig.  And like all good things, its time for it to end.

LJiC was born out of a desire to communicate what I read to my co-workers.For a time, it became a dialogue between two friends, as Jon and I agreed, and agreed to disagree, over a wide range of topics.

It became a lifeline to the outside world during a time of extended illness. And the posts remain as a commentary on the way American culture changed, and failed to change, in response to 9/11.

But time, and people move on. And its time to shut down LJiC.

You can still find Craig doing battle at Red Satellites.  And, who knows, maybe he’ll even let me do a “guest appearance” once in a while. But a new job and the joy of raising two fantastic teenagers takes all my time these days.

Matt is unable to speak out as he once did, due to the constraints of his military career. But there is hope that, someday, Zaphrael will again don his cape and mask to fight the left once again.

So, to Jon, Matt and Craig, I want to say thanks for the friendship and the dialogue. You have no idea how much the three of you have changed me, broadened my mind, and kept me going through some difficult times of my life.

To Patricia, a special thank you. You were the silent (and sometimes not so silent) partner at LJiC. Your comments enraged, confused, shamed, and motivated all of us to think deeply about our beliefs and opinions. You kept us on solid ground by challenging us. This blog would be very different, and very shallow, without your insights.

So, it’s done…

Although, Star Trek TNG went on to make several feature films after All Good Things, so you never know…


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