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More Vacancies Than a Run-down Hotel

Posted by redsatellite on March 13, 2009

Finding ANYBODY to fill Obama’s administration has been quite an exercise. Whether it be a cabinet position, an opening under Tim Geithner, a justice job… name it, Obama can’t fill them.

-President Obama has more vacant Cabinet positions at this point in his term than any other recent president.

-H. Rodgin Cohen, chairman of the New York law firm Sullivan & Cromwell, has withdrawn his name from consideration for deputy Treasury secretary, becoming the fourth pick for a prominent Treasury Department post to pull out in recent weeks.

Filling Attorney Jobs a Challenge
Obama hasn’t made clear how he will pick U.S. prosecutors, a group that shapes law enforcement.

For a president who is carrying hope and change around like baskets of frankincense and myrrh, this must be hitting him like Chris Brown in a room full of passive women. His administration has suffered more withdrawals than a clinic full of recovering crack addicts.

When a hotel can’t fill their rooms, they usually start offering steep discounts and free bonus points on their reward cards. Unfortunately, Obama can’t do that. So, I’m thinking he needs to try other effective means. Like:

Let candidates not pay their taxes. Um…wait….they already don’t.
Let candidates get kickbacks after awarding lucrative contracts. Uh…wait…they already do.
Let candidates expect free limousine service. Err…wait…they already do.

Well…there you go. That’s why Mr. O is having such trouble filling all these positions...not enough INCENTIVES!

Sorry Caesar Obama, hope and change isn’t enough.

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