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Giving Liberals Guilt- Is No Small Feat

Posted by redsatellite on February 23, 2009

You REALLY have to be that good, to give liberals’ guilt. As I’ve said before, I mean…the old-fashion Judeo-Christian- fire and brimstone….you’re going to Hell– type guilt. It’s no small feat, and very few have successfully pulled it off. To tap into a liberal’s guilt, you’ve managed- against all odds– to find that mere SCINTILLA of ‘morality’ still resident in their body. And Al Gore and his Global Warming mob has done it.

What is more bizarre….is the degree to which this has accelerated. Case in point.

Carbon offset pricing may confuse tourists

Air travelers are paying vastly differing prices to offset their contribution to climate change, in some cases three times market levels, despite efforts to increase transparency in an unregulated market.

Under a regulated carbon market, countries and companies buy offsets to help them meet binding international climate targets.

Prices have halved in recent weeks as recession reduces industrial output and expected emissions.

But prices which consumers pay in an unofficial market have lagged behind those falls.
Carbon offsetting is offered to tourists and business travelers by many airlines and offset developers so as to allow people to justify flying by funding a carbon reduction project elsewhere.

I mean c’mon….how ridiculous has the Gore-bal Warming hoax become- when legions of idolators admit- they may be ‘CONFUSED’ by their own self-imposed Sin Tax.

Yah….that’s right- much like the sin of smoking cigarettes or drinking booze, more air miles adds to global warming…and by paying for carbon offsets- this is their ‘way out’ to help get over the SIN of flying.

Uh…no…I’m not kidding.

Carbon offsets traded on regulated exchanges at 9 euros on Friday, while unregulated prices can be much lower.

Yes…you read that right….this means, there are people with FULL TIME JOBS….making a career of this. Un-effing-believable.

The money helps fund projects which reduce emissions elsewhere, such as planting trees or trapping methane emissions from waste dumps in developing countries.

Fly to Paris- buy a baby tree. Fly to Rome- harness cow flatulence. Folks…this is why I hyperlink, I can’t possibly make it all up.

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