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The Liberal Democrats’ Trojan Horse

Posted by redsatellite on February 18, 2009

And that Trojan Horse is Lindsey Graham. Yes…I know- REPUBLICAN Lindsey Graham. But what can you do….he’s now moved way past being a RINO like Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Chuck Hagel and John McCain. In fact, he wouldn’t even qualify as a Blue Dog Democrat!

Long regarded in the US as a folly of Europeans, nationalisation is gaining rapid acceptance among Washington opinion-formers – and not just with Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve chairman. Perhaps stranger still, many of those talking about nationalising banks are Republicans.

Lindsey Graham, the Republican senator for South Carolina, says that many of his colleagues, including John McCain, the defeated presidential candidate, agree with his view that nationalisation of some banks should be “on the table”.
And the GOP wonders why they lost in 2006 and 2008. No John, no Lindsey nationalizing should never be on the table- you bumbling dullards.


Mr Graham says that people across the US accept his argument that it is untenable to keep throwing good money after bad into institutions such as Citigroup and Bank of America, which now have a lower net value than the amount of public funds they have received.

“You should not get caught up on a word [nationalisation],” he told the Financial Times in an interview. “I would argue that we cannot be ideologically a little bit pregnant. It doesn’t matter what you call it, but we can’t keep on funding these zombie banks [without gaining public control]. That’s what the Japanese did.”
So DON’T FUND THEM AT ALL ….you stupid twit! Let them fail. Not every bank is in trouble- there are plenty of regional banks and small community banks who are doing just fine.


Let the FDIC hand out the insured money (up to $100,000) to all their loyal customers – and then close the damn door. And keep closing the doors until every bank that can’t hold their own…is out of business. Banks like Bank of America and Wells Fargo…can sell every asset they have, liquidate everything they own of value to pay back the government and/or industry creditors and then chain-shut the doors. Problem solved.

Period…end of socialist story.

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