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Places Everyone…it’s Shoe Time!

Posted by redsatellite on December 16, 2008

By now, you and countless millions have seen the video. You’ve seen President Bush deftly duck a size 10 shoe being thrown at him, not once- but TWICE. Evidently, an irate Iraqi journalist called him a dog and began hurling insults along with his shoes.

The brother of the journalist now famous for hurling his shoes at President Bush said his sibling’s actions were “spontaneous” and represented millions of Iraqis who want to “humiliate the tyrant.”

Dhirgham al-Zaidi, who sometimes worked as his brother’s cameraman, described the reporter’s hatred for the “material American occupation” and the “moral Iranian occupation.”
All that makes for great TV, but you gotta admit- the guy looked and acted JUST LIKE all those unhinged liberal retards who attempt to interrupt speeches, and meetings, and hearings, and….and…oh heck…the list goes on and on. Admittedly, the two shoes weren’t PIES, but the intent was the same. I will say this…one thing is clear about liberals:


Throwing a tantrum and acting childish seems to be important to them.

2 Responses to “Places Everyone…it’s Shoe Time!”

  1. shadysider said

    Throwing the shoes wasn’t a liberal or conservative thing. It’s a humanity thing. People are frustrated. How about how conservatives acted when they stormed the recount offices in Florida in 2000? Conservatives try to paint liberals a certain way, and people aren’t listening any more. Too bad Bush didn’t get hit. His black eye would have been representative of the black eye he has given America.
    Free Munthadar!

  2. expressions7 said

    Well I have to agree with you – it certainly is childish and frankly undignified for all concerned. But it appears to be a cultural action too which does not say much for the “educated Iraqi” as one supposes this reporter to be, nor for the followers who are now demonstrating for his release.
    Whilst everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion this shoe thrower took liberties with common sense or good manners, and made his fellow contrymen look less stable than ever.

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