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Brace Yourself…This Just In…Walmart Employee Didn’t Have to Die

Posted by redsatellite on December 1, 2008

Every now and then…someone makes a statement that rocks me to my core. Yah. Something is said that is so profound..that I have to abruptly sit down- gasping for breath, my mind reeling in awe. I look on in splendor at their brilliance. The jaw-dropping acumen. The unbelievably clever insight…OMG, such perspicacity!

Over the weekend, that momentous remark came from a union.

Wal-Mart death preventable, union says

The death of a temporary Wal-Mart worker trampled by customers amid frantic Black Friday shopping could have been avoided, the union that represents retail workers said Saturday.

Steady….stay with me. I know. You’re rattled to the bone- to the very essence of your being. You mean to tell me, that man DIDN’T HAVE TO DIE?


Uh….leave it to a union man to say something my FIVE YEAR OLD boy could’ve said.

This incident was avoidable,” said Bruce Both, president of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1500, the state of New York’s largest grocery worker’s union.

No, what couldn’t be avoided…was a union leader, with an ax to grind against Walmart, using the spotlight to say something..SO OBVIOUSSO BANAL- that my kid would be embarrassed to say in front of his Pre-K friends.

Shut your piehole Local 1500. Of course this was preventable….and it starts with the animal-like ‘groupthink’ behavior of the mob- as they bum-rushed the store.

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