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The New President of the EU

Posted by redsatellite on November 25, 2008

I just learned this guy’s name….and what he stood forabout 5 minutes ago. And he’s ALREADY MY HERO!

In the 1980s, a Communist secret police agent infiltrated clandestine economics seminars hosted by Vaclav Klaus, a fiery future leader of the Czech Republic, who had come under suspicion for extolling free market virtues. Rather than reporting on Marxist heresy, the agent was most struck by Mr. Klaus’s now famous arrogance.

“His behavior and attitudes reveal that he feels like a rejected genius,” the agent noted in his report, which has since been made public. “He shows that whoever does not agree with his views is stupid and incompetent.”

OH…but it gets better.

Decades later, Mr. Klaus, the 67-year-old president of the Czech Republic — an iconoclast with a perfectly clipped mustache — continues to provoke strong reactions. He has blamed what he calls the misguided fight against global warming for contributing to the international financial crisis, branded Al Gore an “apostle of arrogance” for his role in that fight, and accused the European Union of acting like a Communist state.

How can you not like this guy? I mean….c’mon. A free market Czech who despises Al Gore? Holy greenhouse gases…what’s not to like!

Now the Czech Republic is about to assume the rotating presidency of the European Union and there is palpable fear that Mr. Klaus will embarrass the world’s biggest trading bloc and complicate its efforts to address the economic crisis and expand its powers.

If you mean embarass the soft socialists of Europe…well too bad mes amis– I guess you’ll have to call your local government official about your ENTITLEMENTS and get over it.

It’s a shame he can’t be president of the EU….for life.

One Response to “The New President of the EU”

  1. euandus said

    Although I understand there were pluses and minuses discussed in the ratification debate, I want to congratulate my European friends and say, chins up! It is difficult indeed to get unanimity among so many governments. I think it shows strength in Europe. Now you will get a president. If I haven’t disgusted you sufficiently already, I recommend the following post,

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