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Posted by redsatellite on November 20, 2008

This kind of story makes me explode. Think: bellicose, truculent, and pugnacious- only psychotic. (And I’m trying to be polite for the liberals that read this.) Yah. Seems political correctness and the ‘rule of law for one person’ has struck again. And this time- the online dating service,, had to capitulate. Yep. Nothing like a fallacious lawsuit to make someone bend to your will.

Online dating site eHarmony will create a service for same-sex matching in a settlement of a 2005 complaint that the company’s failure to offer such a service was discriminatory.

Under terms of the agreement with the New Jersey attorney general’s office, eHarmony Inc. will start the service, called Compatible Partners, by March 31.

The settlement also requires eHarmony to pay plaintiff Eric McKinley $5,000 and to pay the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights $50,000 to cover administrative expenses.


This kind of Jackboot lawyering is why our country is so wacked. Not only does eHarmony have to provide a new service to all gays- they have to PAY the plaintiff to cover his expenses. How INSANE is that?

And people wonder why Americans have started pushing back? Forcing a company or a person to embrace YOUR belief or YOUR grievance breeds intolerance not tolerance. I’ve had it with this ‘tiny minority is the majority’ mentality.

I can’t put into words how pernicious this is. Unbelievable.

3 Responses to “”

  1. Jeremy Echols said

    I came across your post and I totally agree. I posted on the same issue and will let you know that I have received word from friends who are liberal and extremely concerned for the rights of homosexuals that think the ruling is ridiculous. I am glad to finally have things that liberals and conservatives can see eye to eye on!

  2. johnnyjetwad said

    So by that logic, if I have a bus company, why should I have to allow blacks to sit where they decide? If I own a coffee shop why should I have to let them sit at the counter?

    Allowing someone to discriminate today is what leads to further intolerance by others tomorrow.

  3. venuseven said

    i totally agree with the ruling, there is no reason to exclude anyone. Don’t be a bigot and get off your hight horse.

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