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Back From Vacation

Posted by redsatellite on November 6, 2008

Gee….did anything happen while I was gone?…nah…I didn’t think so.

One Response to “Back From Vacation”

  1. patriciaaanderson said

    Actually.. yah.. it did!
    America elected her 44th President in a LANDSLIDE vote to the favor of Obama/Biden on Tuesday night! *tee hee*

    We showed that as a nation, we were ready to go in a new direction–and we saw history being made.

    We saw a very magnanimous concession speech from John McCain.. a wonderful man, a strong man that I respect very highly.. and we saw a very gracious victory speech by President Elect Obama.

    We saw people turn out in Times Square and Grant Park in colossal amounts and we saw tears of joy shed around the world.

    Yup.. that pretty much sums up just Tuesday night.

    On Wednesday, well.. my daughter got slammed in school by people who claimed to be Christians and then wanted to call the President-Elect the antichrist and then wanted to verbally assault her for her views and political opinions and on Wednesday night my best friend’s daughter was accosted by a local family that takes her to the Baptist church who proclaimed this administration to be the beginning of the rapture/tribulation.. and told her she better “accept Jesus and accept him NOW.. or she would be left behind when they all went to heaven on the clouds of glory!”
    Yup that pretty much sums that up.

    Funny isn’t it… how perfectly normal people can become borderline if not way over the line abnormal.. when things don’t go their way.

    Congratulations to our 44th President and may he and all those working with him have the strength and the wisdom to lead our nation well.

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