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Robin Hood: More Like…Obama From the ‘Hood

Posted by redsatellite on October 27, 2008

Let’s be clear: Barack Obama’s idea of spreading the wealth- is not new for him. NO. We learn today, from Drudge, he’s been kicking that SOCIALIST idea around since (at least) 2001.

Barack Obama on Chicago Public Radio WBEZ-FM, 2001: The Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth, and of more basic issues such as political and economic justice in society… and one of the, I think, tragedies of the civil rights movement was, um, because the civil rights movement became so court focused I think there was a tendency to lose track of the political and community organizing and activities on the ground that are able to put together the actual coalition of powers through which you bring about redistributive change. In some ways we still suffer from that.


Here’s a newsflash Barack. Stupid people suffer. Ignorant people suffer. That’s how it works. Education, hard work, and personal responsibility are rewarded. There is no better place to succeed, than right here in America. Why do you think immigrants are beating down the door to get in?

If you fail, it’s YOUR FAULT. Not mine, not my mother’s, not my father’s nor my grandparents. You are ‘entitled’ to pursue: life, liberty and happiness. You are NOT ENTITLED to pursue my money, my children’s money, nor anyone else’s. You and your merry band of ‘community organizers’ do not get to ‘redistribute’ my wealth.

Period. End of frickin’ Robin Hood story.

One Response to “Robin Hood: More Like…Obama From the ‘Hood”

  1. patriciaaanderson said

    Okay.. whoaaaaaa there a minute. Let’s slow the roll a second.. You’ve said some pretty mean spirited and inflammatory things there, Red!

    “Stupid people suffer. Ignorant people suffer. That’s how it works…”

    Uh… That is just wrong. So wrong I can’t even begin to articulate how wrong words like that truly are. Alot of people suffer economic problems by circumstances that are *NOTHING* of their own doing. If you can pardon the vernacular.. shit happens.. and it happens every day of the year, to every day people— like you, like me, like every one of your readers here!
    At any point, any one of us could be visited by a tragic circumstance that throws our lives into chaos–drains the savings accounts–makes us call in every favor we ever had to call in from friends and family… does this make all of us Stupid, or Ignorant??

    Sometimes, all the education and hardwork and personal responsibility is *NOT*…I REPEAT IN THE STRONGEST TERMS I KNOW HOW TO USE *NOT* going to catch us when the net drops out from underneath us and something like a catastrophic illness, an untimely death in the family happens and there is just NOTHING that can be done to alleviate the problem!!!!!!! The money is gone, the debts pile up, the mortgage doesn’t get paid so you can keep the lights on and the heat on and all of a sudden the everyday Mr. and Mrs. Smith find themselves waiting in the welfare line of Human Services to try to save their house and their family from RUIN!!!!!!!


    Now then.. do you think people such as these are the minority of people who are going to benefit from a re-working of system economics? Guess again. They are fast becoming the largest sector of those that are applying for any and all benefits available. Why? Good ol Bush and 8 yrs of Republican Economics, wars in foreign lands that have run the debts up to astronomical sizes.. and Mr. and Mrs. Smith are being asked to foot the bills of this.. AND THE BAIL OUT.. whilst still trying to figure out their own economic woes??

    And then add into the equation.. people who want to quibble about if those in the 200K bracket a year are going to get taxed more.. ohhh boo friggin hoo….. primarily those in the 200K bracket are the same investors that allowed the stock market to do what its done.. have been investors in the failed ventures that now Mr. and Mrs. Smith are being asked to foot the bill of in the Bail Out (not to mention pay for those wooden arrow tips, by all means!and the race car tracks.. and the Puerto Rican Rum.. oh yah, that is TRULY important!) OH BUT WAIT.. there’s MORE….
    Not only did they tack all that crap on.. BUT
    THEY made damn good and well SURE TO EXTEND the ability of those in the 200K bracket and above’s ability to ESCAPE THE PAYING OF THEIR MINIMUM TAX LIABILITY FOR YET ANOTHER YEAR.
    Awwwwwww.. now isn’t that just spiffy??? is time to refigure the economics of this nation.. and it is PAST TIME to start making the rich cough up their fair share in this nation. And you expect *me* to feel badly about wanting *them* to pay for their mistakes and mismanagements in the market and the banks and the funds that I am now indebted for and my daughter is now indebted for, for the next ten years? NO.
    Redistribute away.
    Cause I guarantee.. I’m not going to be hitting the levels where I will be asked to pay anymore then what I already do. HA! So ante up everyone else for a change…

    But to say that failures, that hardships that suffering is the result of stupidity and ignorance is the worst kind of inflammatory statement and minimization of the facts and takes into account absolutely NOTHING of the actual statistical measures or data that have been collected. That was you speaking off the cuff about something you are particular irritated about. Okay, I get that.

    Now here’s mine:

    The rich have generally gotten rich off the backs of the poor who needed the work so desperately that they have taken poor working conditions, no healthcare, long hours for wages that were incongruent to the work they have been doing. The rich have systematically hidden and shielded their money behind tax laws that were designed as bills that were written by the rich, passed into law by the rich and have governed the nation for far too long. We like to believe there is no caste or class system in this nation, but for those of us that actually look around us in our daily lives, we KNOW BETTER. There is, there always has been and the laws support the establishment and continuation of it. The rich and those working for their interests have driven the market with speculation and it bit them in the ass this year. Now once again, the rich have asked THIS NATION to pay the bill. Who do they turn to most naturally? Why of course! The everyday tax payer, while at the same time.. writing into their Bail Out plan the loophole to ensure they can still shield their own money safely and still write in extra money to their myriad pet projects.
    Redistribution==if that is a socialist ideal.. well then by God, call me a socialist in this situation.. because I’m patently SICK OF IT. SICK of making other people rich and keeping them rich.. while all the while people want to call me or my situation “stupid” or “ignorant” when I AM ONE OF THOSE FAMILIES that was devestated by a catastrophic loss in the past year.. when I had to cough up over 6,000.00 for a funeral for my 18 yr old son, killed in a car accident, then had to try to find a way to keep my friggin lights on and my gas on and still try to survive! I suffered, through NO FAULT OF MY OWN, and believe you me.. my Presidential University Honor Roll says I’m anything BUT stupid or ignorant.. so go explain THAT ONE.


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