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A Much Balihooed Execution

Posted by redsatellite on October 24, 2008

Looks like those murdering jihadists who were responsible for the bombings in Bali in 2002- have been given ‘death by firing squad’.

Good riddance. Oh…and make sure you bury these Muslim psychopaths face down….so they can see Hell.

Three men convicted of carrying out two nightclub bombings that killed 202 people on the resort island of Bali six years ago will be executed by firing squad next month, Indonesian authorities said.

The men showed neither fear nor remorse in a recent interview with CNN.

The deadly blasts ripped through two popular nightclubs in Bali’s Kuta in October 2002. Most of the dead were young Australians. More than 300 people were wounded. Dozens of victims were burned beyond recognition or blown to pieces by the massive blasts.

Leave it to CNN to check in on them…to try and appreciate how ‘they feel’ and to try and find out why they’re so UPSET and ANGRY….and so MISUNDERSTOOD. Afterall, it’s the evil Westerners’ fault. Let’s make sure we engage in constructive dialogue…to try and ‘reach out’ to them….so that we can bridge our differences…..and….and….can’t we all just get along!

The pain and suffering these 3 animals have caused…takes your breath away. But the good news is: their breath will be permanently taken away.

2 Responses to “A Much Balihooed Execution”

  1. patriciaaanderson said

    I am in complete support of giving murderers the green mile walk to a short drop. Without a doubt.

    But.. I did just wanted to comment that it really is quite imperative that we realize that these particular bands of extremists are not your run of the mill every day Muslims. (Not that you insinuated such either! 🙂 ) I just like to note that, when comments are made regarding Muslims.. because unfortunately alot of folks seem to have a very difficult time seperating the two in their minds…

    Muslims are not all extremist terrorists.
    And by far and away.. Muslim’s that truly adhere to the Quran and to the will of God as they know him beneath the title of Allah, do not even condone such extremism. Jihad, is not to be conducted in such a manner and is never to be an ‘offensive’ but a ‘defensive’ maneuver.. (heh, something I recently learned about in my World Religions class) but anyways…

    Just wanted to say that, so that your readers understand that not all Muslims are this way. Those that are, should also end just as these will. 🙂

  2. redsatellite said

    “Muslims are not all extremist terrorists.”

    We are in complete agreement.

    But, as I have said many times,(almost)all extremist terrorists are Muslim. I think our readers understand that.

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