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Are You One of the Liberal Elite?

Posted by redsatellite on October 22, 2008

I came across a wonderful post on the attributes that help to define an elite. Read the whole thing: it’s spot-on.

This election cycle has exposed an enormous divide across the country. It’s not the divide between black and white; it’s not even the divide between liberals and conservatives. It’s the divide between elitists and the rest of us.

Worried that you’re an elitist? Here’s how you can tell if you are.

You’re an elitist if you love “Brokeback Mountain,” but think that John Wayne movies are jingoistic expressions of outdated American machismo.

You’re an elitist if you worry that Sarah Palin hunts moose, but aren’t worried that Barack Obama wants to meet personally with dictators.

You’re an elitist if you thought Colin Powell was less “authentically black” than Barack Obama until Powell endorsed Obama.

You’re an elitist if you think that only bitter people unhappy with their lives cling to the Bible.

You’re an elitist if you quote the Book of Matthew to justify socialism, cite the Book of John to defend Bill Clinton, but write off the Book of Romans as “obscure,” or deride the Old Testament as a collection of antiquated messages about shellfish and animal sacrifices.

You’re an elitist if you think that President Bush is stupid because he says “nucular,” while Joe Biden is a genius even though he thinks the word “jobs” has three letters.

You’re an elitist if you think Joe the Plumber’s income and license status are more important than the question he asked Barack Obama.

You’re an elitist if you believe that anyone who supports the standard of a married man and woman raising a child is a bigot.

You’re an elitist if you think Bill Ayers is just a professor of English.

There’s much more….(I think the author- Ben Shapiro- has channeled my brain.)

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