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Rise and Fall of Anyone Remotely Intelligent at the Washington Post

Posted by redsatellite on October 21, 2008

Better take your blood pressure medicine, Richard Cohen has opined in the Washington Post today:

Rise and Fall of the GOP
Cohen: It’s become a mean, exclusive, retrograde party.

It is hard to avoid the conclusion that Bush and now John McCain have constructed a mean, grumpy, exclusive, narrow-minded and altogether retrograde Republican Party.

…..It is not merely that Barack Obama was always going to garner the vast majority of the black vote. It is also that the GOP, under Rove and his disciples in the McCain campaign, has not only driven out ethnic and racial minorities but a vast bloc of voters who, quite bluntly, want nothing to do with Sarah Palin. For moderates everywhere, she remains the single best reason to vote against McCain.

But the GOP’s tropism toward its furiously angry base, its tolerance and currying of anti-immigrant sentiment, its flattering of the ignorant on matters of undisputed scientific consensus – evolution, for instance — and, from the mouth of Palin, its celebration of drab provincialism, have sharpened the division between red and blue. Red is the color of yesterday.

Let’s take these verbal cannon shots one at a time….shall we?

Cohen is suggesting that the GOP, under Rove and McCain, has ‘driven out’ ethnic and racial minorities. Hmmm….oh really? Then I guess you decided to IGNORE McCain’s recent pandering to La Raza in July. and his open borders legislative effort with Ted Kennedy. In fact, McCain has been chasing the Hispanic vote for so long…it’s a wonder his nickname hasn’t changed to McCasa.

The black community has been overwhelmingly Democrat for decades. Now they have a black man as a candidate. Nothing the Republicans will say or do is going to change or sway that voting bloc. Just ask Walter Williams, Shelby Steele, or Thomas Sewell.

Amazingly, Cohen then JUMPS all the way to evolution as a divisive issue between Democrats and Republicans. Since when has that issue even showed up in anyone’s top TEN of political hot potatoes? Oh heck…let’s be generous: let’s make it top 20!

Bigotry, racism, intolerance… many times are liberals going to throw those canards at Republicans? That’s a DEMOCRAT’S TROPISM….you ignorant twit. (He forgets how liberals treated conservative Michael Steele in Maryland.)

Go pound sand Cohen. You’re an angry bitter liberal from a big urban city working for a big liberal urban newspaper. I’ll take ‘drab provincialism’ any day over your FAUX cosmopolitan urbane life.

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