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Symbolizing Middle America

Posted by redsatellite on October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber, according to CNN, represents Middle America– yes…THEIR words.

McCain brought the story up during the debate, which led to several mentions by both candidates of “Joe the Plumber,” who quickly came to symbolize Middle America.

So let’s go down that path shall we?

And as I mentioned 3 days ago, that’s where a fundamental difference lies between liberals and conservatives. A basic disconnect so profoundly simple, it takes my breath away…that Obama, or any liberal for that matter, has a better idea of how to use and spend MY money. Not only their money…but my money…so that they can ‘spread the wealth’ around. Yes…liberals know better than me, how to spend- my money. They will tax me more, so that they can take that money and share it with others less fortunate or less successful.


Okay liberals….I’m going to say this as succinctly as I can: Where in the name of Karl Marx do you think you get the RIGHT to use and spend my money? How in the name of Josef Stalin do you think you KNOW better than me how to use and spend my money?

I made the money, not you. You make your money and spend it on whatever the hell you WANT. And I’ll do the same.

Please, for the love of God (oops…silly me…for you…that means yourselves), leave me alone.

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