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Regulate THIS Democrats

Posted by redsatellite on October 12, 2008

Democrats. Can’t live with them…can’t regulate them either. Yah, Barney….Nancy….Harry…and you other anencephalies…it was dated May 5, 2006.

2 Responses to “Regulate THIS Democrats”

  1. patriciaaanderson said

    Of course, an “interesting read” is the bill itself if you look it up on the internet and peruse it. While it is all fine and good to say YUP back in 2006 John McCain wrote a letter talking about this and this and this (and I’m not denying he did or that he is a strong leader, that is not the question at all!) the bill itself.. whew…. I found numerous places within it that sort of left me scratching my head and wondering how in the world we have now ended up where we are TODAY?? Someone was apparently asleep at the wheel, somewhere!

    Further, if you read the Law that they just signed for the bail out.. good golly miss molly… the “help” that they plan to give the “average American” through it, was to redirect them lickety split BACK TO THE DEPTS. of HOPE and HUD.. which is simply a walk in the park of futility for more than 3/4 of them, because they are both need based (ie read there income/asset based programs that have waiting lists of 6mo. to one year!!) NO help. The bail out will have done NOTHING for the homeowners.. its only going to help some mortgage companies.. who under the LAW as you talked about above and I went and found on the internet… so much was ALREADY in place and no one was doing anything apparently… because here we are.. bum dee bum dee bum.. dee bum… back in the debt saddle again.. worse then ever.

  2. patriciaaanderson said

    Good lord, I really should have more then one cup of coffee before typing a comment.. hahahah

    I hope that I conveyed that comment right. I wasn’t trying to make it sound like McCain DIDN’T do his job in the sponsoring of this legislation or spying the problem early on!

    The point I was making was just that I am totally and completely annoyed that in 2006 the problem WAS seen and it took til 2008 for something to get DONE.. and by then, let’s face it.. we had already hit the iceberg, folks.

    The legislation as it was done, here, would have been something.. IF.. people would have been truly utilizing it to the full capability and IF we hadn’t already been ripped apart at the lower hull.. BUT they weren’t and we had..
    We’re not on a rescue mission anymore, we are on a salvage mission. Anyone watching the world markets and the DJ knows it and has felt it. Hell, we’ve been feeling it for a year already if we really admit it.. economically, we’ve been in the crapper for a while.

    Now we have a market being flooded with new money.. globally they are having to do the same thing to ease off the 3% or more that we threw it off globally when we did it first.. and according to the IMF its STILL not going to be enough to ease the ‘meltdown’ on the really poor nations world wide when we all begin to cut back and probably withhold some assistance world wide. If you can pardon the vernacular usage here.. ‘shit flows downhill’ as we say out here in the West…

    I was against the bail out. All the way down the line. I was very much for the “LET THEM FAIL” mentality because I don’t feel that the Gov should be bailing out privately owned businesses of any kind. Now they are talking about buying stocks in banks as well. I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. On the surface and on the one hand, it feels like it would ‘ideally’ make them like the old savings and loans.. because ideally when the Treasury buys something it becomes ALL AMERICAN, right??? It would be American banks “Americans loaning Americans” it sounds nice… apple pie and all that jazz… but.. I’m smart enough to know that is just not how it works.. and I see old man Potter around the corner more then I see Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed here… *sigh*

    My question: “Where’s Clarence??”

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