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Here He Comes to Save the Day!

Posted by redsatellite on October 9, 2008

Faster than a speeding carbon emitting bullet train, stronger than a local motivated Republican volunteer, able to leap tall building-a-better America in a single bound….it’s Superbama! He fights a never-ending embattled campaign…for a little bit of the truth, liberal justice, and the Socialist Way!

If you don’t believe it’s an Obama World….you only have to pick up a San Francisco Chronicle.

Planet Obama
What would happen if the entire world could vote in our election? One guess

…if you’re a hard-core McCainite and/or are under some sort of unfortunate, chemically-induced delusion that Sarah Palin is just exactly the sort of dangerously harebrained, folksy, winking, nonsensical political confection we all really need right now, well, you might be more than a bit peeved to learn that the entire world has already cast its vote for our next president.

And of course, the world wants Obama.

Overwhelmingly. Crushingly. Rather staggeringly. By quite possibly the largest margin you will see anywhere except maybe Hawaii and D.C. and, well, San Francisco.

Yep….isn’t that JUST SWELL…it’s Obama’s World….and we’re just lucky to be in it! The WHOLE PLANET is ready to vote Obama.

I must be the anti-Christ. I’m showing up on November 4th…to vote against the planet.

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