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The Politics of Guilt

Posted by redsatellite on October 6, 2008

Who knew!

Yah…apparently, secular progressives are dealing with GUILT. What in the name of Pope Benedict XVI is going on?

There’s a Gold Mine In Environmental Guilt
Carbon-Offset Sales Brisk Despite Financial Crisis 

This is strange territory. The Dow is down. Wall Street needs a bailout. But in the Washington area and across the country, there is still a bull market in environmental guilt.

But there is also a cultural factor, the legacy of a complicated decade defined by a “green” awakening and a national splurge in consumer spending. Many people have learned to pay to lessen their climate shame — and, at least for now, they don’t think of it as a luxury purchase.

“I was feeling really guilty because I was basically traveling to three continents in the last month: ‘I’ve spent basically six days on an airplane. I’ve got to fix this,’ ” said Michael Sheets, 27, who lives in the District’s Logan Circle neighborhood.

So a few days ago, Sheets paid $240 to a Silver Spring-based vendor,, choosing its offsets because they were more than $100 cheaper than a comparable package from another offset seller. He got back an e-mail saying that the 52,920 pounds of greenhouse-gas emissions attributable to him for the entire year, including his trips to Trinidad, Thailand and Argentina, had been canceled out.

I couldn’t possibly make this stuff up. Is that a hoot? Agnostics and atheists finally get religion. The Carbon Diety himself, Al Gore, has managed to bring Christianity to people who worship themselves.


And lo’…in the year of our Lord 2008, a blight descended over the land…and they called it Global Warming. And in this time of trouble, the lion laid down with the lamb…and non-believer believers offset their trips to London and Paris with green rosary beads (using only recycled glass) and confessions to the EPA.

And the liberals saw that this was good. Yea varily, they were able to sleep at night. For their consciences were clear-unlike the atmosphere filled with natural CO2 emissions coming from flatulent cows and decaying leaves….

But their leader, the Goracle, was not so lucky. For 40 days and 40 nights it rained on Al’s mansion. And he saw that he was burning too much electricity. More than the normal alloted 22,619 kWh per month. And he was overcome with guilt too. For his flock would not be able to understand his sin- yes they would be green, but not with envy…

And he vowed to pass on his problem to other liberal idiots. In the interest of humanity, they would buy into it- for they walked in the shadow of Michael Moore and feared no conservatives.

On the 41st day, a dove of peace appeared…no not Obama’s dove of peace with terrorists….just a dove who had avoided all the carbon produced by volcanic ash. In that hour of redemption, prosperity came to them once again. Liberals could return to their jobs at the NY Times and Obama’s campaign headquarters…

And other elitists in the Media saw that this was good. So they told the flock to rest.

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