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The Importance of Being Sarah

Posted by redsatellite on October 3, 2008

Sarah Palin rocked….AGAIN.

Yes…Joe Biden certainly acquitted himself well- but if you don’t think Sarah Palin is a star…you don’t know astronomy from agronomy. And what made it all the more delightful….she was Sarah. She was comfortable in the spotlight, she looked straight at the camera….and most of all….she was sincere and UNAPOLOGETIC. She was home-spun articulate and respectful…but if you didn’t like her views…sorry…that’s the way she feels America.

Despite the voluminous vitriol that has been heaped upon her by the liberal press, she was poised, polished, and dynamic. And I’ll site three major examples.

When Joe Biden led off….he peered back at Gwen Iffil and the audience in the room and answered. When it was Sarah’s turn to respond…..she thanked Ms. Iffil and the local audience and then did, what Sarah does best, she looked directly into the camera- and spoke. And never waivered. No heavy blinking. No hesitation. No stuttering. No moral ambiguity. No nuance. No duplicity. From that moment on, and for the entire evening she stared straight at America and into our living room…..a personal device so startling- that even Joe Biden picked up on it. He quickly changed: and it was game on.

When Iffil drilled Sarah on same sex opportunities and benefits, I thought Sarah shifted the balance of the debate- dramatically. Not only did she tell us about her tolerance and sensitivity to the issue- but she took that moment to politely segue into her stance AGAINST gay marriage! It was so refreshing and spot-on that Ms. Iffil then carried Palin’s belief over to Biden to get his and Obama’s position on gay marriage. My jaw hit the floor. Palin had successfully steered the debate on a topic that could’ve easily been toxic and divisive. Instead, she had blazed a trail, one that Biden was then subjected to follow. In a word- brilliant.

Another beatific moment came after Biden had successfully NOT answered a question…Sarah picked up on it…and faced this political maneuver with typical aplomb, by subtly using Biden’s deflection as an opportunity to tell the Washington University audience and America that she was going to answer her way- in her words and wasn’t going to be bullied or pressed if anyone didn’t like or care for her answer. Her words:

“I may not answer the questions that either the moderator or you want to hear, but I’m going to talk straight to the American people and let them know my track record also,” she said early in the debate.

In short- impressive.

Look- you can disagree with Sarah and conservatives on issues. You can disagree with us on our views and beliefs. But after last night- you CAN NOT disagree that she doesn’t belong on the world stage.

Enough already. Keep your criticisms to important issues. And leave her and her beautiful family alone.

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