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Down in South America, Leftwing Politics are Up

Posted by redsatellite on September 30, 2008

So another South American country embraces more leftwing politics…uh….and my response is- so what. But of course, Equador’s President Correa and his recent success falls nicely inline with the problems on Wall Street….so I know…let’s somehow….tie this all together!

After being lectured for 20 years about the superiority of the free market, officials in Latin America see no small irony in the effort to bail out the U.S. banking system. Latin America has several reasons to worry about the U.S. economic meltdown. Ecuador, for instance, fears the possible loss of duty-free export markets for its coffee, fish and flowers.

People here are also worried the crisis will cut into the $2 billion in annual remittances sent home by Ecuadoreans living in the U.S., and wonder whether the nation’s use of the dollar as the national currency, a move made in 2000 to cure inflation, still makes sense.

But there is an undercurrent of schadenfreude at America’s pain. Commentator Boaventura de Sousa Santos scolded the United States for its “ironhanded evangelizing” that free markets, privatization and deregulation were innately more virtuous than “corrupt and efficient” state-run economies. “Millions were thrown into unemployment, lost their land and labor rights and had to emigrate,” the Portuguese-born Santos wrote in an article widely distributed over the Internet.

The comments resonated in Ecuador, a country where 15% of the population has fled to the U.S. and Europe looking for better lives. Others are resentful of “neoliberal” doctrine, a common term in the region for free-market capitalism, for having forced central banks to eliminate cultural programs such as restoration of historic monuments. In an interview, Quito-based historian and publisher Abdon Ubidia said Americans now can appreciate why many South American countries have swung to the left- they saw the future and weren’t buying it.

‘They saw the future and weren’t buying it’?

If you’re like me… when you read this kind of insanity…you go…huh? WTF? Let me see if I’ve got this figured out….you love capitalism and the free markets as long as it BENEFITS YOU. And if it doesn’t…well heck….we told you so. And don’t you love it when they coin a term like ‘neoliberal’ to describe a CONSERVATIVE idealism?

Venezuela, Bolivia and now Equador…..that’s quite a Sandinista Trifecta.

2 Responses to “Down in South America, Leftwing Politics are Up”

  1. patriciaaanderson said

    Well jiminy crickets… aren’t we just sorry as we can be to have inconvenienced your perfect little countries with our little market troubles?? Tell ya what amigos… let’s fix it like this, We’ll call it:

    The Uno, Dos, Tres Plan
    Uno: YOU pay US all that we’ve loaned you and YOU haven’t paid back plus the interest you owe as well.
    (That should help out alot of our market woes, quite nicely!)
    Dos: WE cease and desist all above (and beneath) table assistance of your population and government.
    (Hey.. wait a second.. once again.. that will increase the fiscal flow of dinero in our coffers as well.. what do you know? That’s nice too!)
    Tres: WE close off our Southern border and YOU realize that YOU and YOURS are now no longer welcome in OUR country for ANY reason. Not for visits, not for immigration, not for trade purposes. Anything you’ve got we can grow, we can produce or we can live without.

    Now then… let’s see how YOU like THEM apples Amigos…

    *grumble* I am just sooooo sick…. of the countries that want to tell US everything we are doing WRONG.. whilst we are still holding the “Willy Wonka Gold Ticket” that could cash out their country’s treasury and make them the next United State of America… I mean seriously.. maybe it’s time to start calling in the debts already…. how many of these countries owe US money that would clear our own problems off the table like so much lint in the buddha’s belly button already???? geez….

  2. redsatellite said

    Your comment was hilarious….and oh yah…I loved it. Uno, Dos, Tres? PRICELESS.

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