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Death to Socialism: Republicans (finally) Take a Stand

Posted by Mark on September 29, 2008

It’s done. At least for now. Nancy Pelosi over-reached in her partisan tirade on the House floor, and the American people actually took a stand. When people take a stand, Republicans, and some Democrats, develop enough of a backbone to do the right thing.

Despite rumors to the contrary, the reports of America’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

3 Responses to “Death to Socialism: Republicans (finally) Take a Stand”

  1. patriciaaanderson said

    Yup.. done … FOR NOW… but you know it will be back with a tumble of over 700 points on the Dow right afterwards.
    Bottom line as I see it.. is that this plan as they’ve outlined it at this time.. is 110 pages of crap.
    It’s a whole lot of bail out for big business on the tax payer’s dollars.. and a whole lot of nada for the tax payer themselves. A whole lot of government owned properties in the end.. and a whole lot of “we’re sure gonna ‘try’ in the middle.

    “Atlas Shrugged.”

    Any small wonder?? *smirk*

    That’s a whole lot of weight for one dude.. god or otherwise! ;0)

    This isn’t going to work because its a very small bandaid on a very large problem!
    It is like taking your kid of restriction a month early.
    The reasons we got into this pickle of a problem haven’t been addressed and yet we are going to fork over 700 billion to fix it while not fixing the problem that led to it? Ludicrous! Insanity that only big bucks entities (government or otherwise) would come up with.

    If we can’t figure out that spending more then what we HAVE will lead to a DEFICIT.. then we are going to end up right back where we are. If we cant figure out how to read the fine print on papers we sign, then we are going to end up right back where we began.

    My thoughts are.. LET IT FALL.

    They lean towards the notion that the Panic is coming from the top and not the bottom, and here’s why:
    If you look back to even the Great Depression.. it wasn’t the poor man that was jumping from skyscrapers in NY. Why? Well.. he was poor already! He knew how to be poor. He didn’t lose anything more then what he had already. The middle class wasn’t jumping either.. generally, they were the ones who were helping the poor and knocking another hole in their belts and tightening them up. They were sharing with their neighbors and bartering with one another.. its the character of the heartland and heartbeat of America.
    Nope, it has always been the rich that have panicked the most. Why? Because they were playing the game of money.. and when it was gone, they had lost touch with the simple values above and had no clue what to do when the money was gone and the structure crumbled and no foundation was there to rebuild on.

    Nope.. LET IT FALL if that is what it is going to take, for this nation to learn how to live more simply again. That’s my personal opinion. And yup, that is coming from someone who realizes that Yup.. that means that times could get rougher.. but at least, it levels the playing field for everyone and perhaps we would learn some of the simple values that built this country to begin with.. like charity, compassion, hard work, self sacrifice. These are the things we just can’t buy …

  2. Mark said

    You really need to be careful, Patricia. You are sounding dangerously like a conservative in this little rant of yours. 🙂 I absolutely agree with you. I’m thinking even you and Craig have found common ground.

    “And the Lion and Lamb shall…” oh never mind.

  3. patriciaaanderson said

    Oh.. hey.. here was the really funny thing in the HR Bill though…

    did you see where it was going to create the special oversight board?

    yes.. it was going to be acronymed.. the FSOB. I just found the irony almost too much to stand!

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