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Gore-bal Warming Infects Washington Post

Posted by redsatellite on September 23, 2008

Like that’s a surprise.

None-the-less, I started out reading a Washington Post article about an issue that separates John McCain from his running mate Sarah Palin- when all of a sudden – the author HIJACKS the entire subject. Yes. Apparently, the writer felt it important that she weigh in.

No one, including Gov. Sarah Palin, questions that Alaska’s climate is changing more rapidly than any other state’s. But her skepticism about the causes and what needs to be done to address the consequences stands in sharp contrast to the views of her running mate, Sen. John McCain, and place her to the right of the Bush administration and several other Republican governors.

Hmmm….sounds innocuous enough, huh? Yep, so they disagree on the reasons behind “climate change”. But then…out of the blue(not green)….like Al Gore at a McDonald’s drivethru…. we get this little Chicken McNugget:

Although Palin established a sub-cabinet to deal with climate change issues a year ago, she has focused on how to adapt to global warming rather than how to combat it, and she has publicly questioned scientists’ near-consensus that human activity plays a role in the rising temperatures.


‘Near consensus’? Where did you get that cockamamie idea? Certainly not from the THIRTY ONE THOUSAND scientists who disagree. And exactly- when- did you get to opine Ms. Eilperin? This article you wrote is NOT posted in the Op/Ed section.

When she established her climate sub-cabinet last September, she said in a news release that Alaskans “are already seeing the effects” of warming: “Coastal erosion, thawing permafrost, retreating sea ice and record forest fires affect our communities and our infrastructure.”

But when environmentalists urged the governor to include language attributing global warming to humans and suggested that the state set a target for limiting greenhouse gas emissions, Palin hedged.

And I’m glad she did. I’m relieved to see Sarah Palin understands the difference between industry CO2 emissions and sunspots and solar flares. Why is it…that liberals like Ms. Eilperin over at the Washington Post can’t remove themselves from the debate? Seriously, they just can’t help themselves…. it’s their nature. They must…and I do mean MUST…dictate the discourse.

Sit down and shut up and just….report.

One Response to “Gore-bal Warming Infects Washington Post”

  1. patriciaaanderson said

    Don’t you just hate that?
    I mean, seriously…

    It’s not like a TOP SECRET, need the special handshake, pinky swear and special clearance thing about me to know that I actually support that we have played a huge part in the the environmental shift and a warming climate model…


    even I know to use the language of “near consensus” with regards to this matter is just well.. a bad use of language!

    But anyways.. I digress..

    Don’t you just HATE that.. when a writer takes what is NOT an opinion aimed piece and it BECOMES one? It really does beg the question of how they obtained a job but more specifically how they manage to keep it. Because I can tell you right now, as a University student–when a Professor assigns a paper that says “write yadda yadda about yadda yadda” if you deviate an iota from that design, you’re docked and out the door. Not because you can’t write, but because you can’t follow directions.

    Granted, global warming for many people is a highly charged emotional topic. HOWEVER, the challenge of writing, many times, is to remove emotion and write from an object POV. This article wasn’t supposed to be an emotional ploy. It was supposed to be about Palin’s view on the topic and it was using emotional language to sway, rather than effective language to sway. It’s just poorly done argumentative writing in my book.. which again comes back to… it begs the question of.. how does a person manage to obtain a job when it appears we just barely passed a rhetoric class AND how do we keep a job when it appears we barely know how to fact check? “near consensus”… only if you check one source, sister.. last check.. we are nowhere near a consensus.. which is partly why we can’t get anything done on the matter!!! Geez Louise..

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