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Moms Gone Wild

Posted by redsatellite on September 19, 2008

Despite’s typically irritating liberal bias, I managed to plod through their recent post about middle-aged white women. Trust me, that was quite an achievement. According to Time, in the evolution of recent elections- first we had soccer moms, then we had security moms, now we have Maxed-out Moms.

Meet the woman of the year: White, high school–educated and probably on the north side of age 50, she is getting the worst of a bad economy. She’s worrying about whether her daughter will be able to afford college and her father his medicine. Her husband can barely afford the gasoline it takes to get back and forth from a job he’s in danger of losing — and with it, their health insurance. She’s getting her hair cut less often and sometimes has to put her utility bill on her Visa. She’s the woman doing the laundry at 11 p.m., because it’s the first chance she’s had all day to do it.

So it’s no surprise that she hasn’t yet gotten around to settling on Barack Obama or John McCain — though how she votes may well determine the outcome of the election. 

Yah…I know, they almost lost me in that opening paragraph. It’s a wonder I hung in there. Good God…with all that female DISPAIR and angst, I’m looking for my Ginsu knife….to slit my wrists.

Part of it is that many maxed-out moms are older than Obama, which makes them more skeptical that he has the experience he needs to do the job. Many are more culturally conservative than he is, and they are more likely than their younger sisters to be what Democratic pollster Celinda Lake delicately describes as “racially sensitive.”

‘Racially sensitive’? Huh? Why don’t you just say PREJUDICED. That way if Obama loses -you can throw the race card at every white mom with a highschool education.

A new TIME poll, conducted Sept. 11-15, shows Obama and McCain running a dead heat among women overall. But McCain holds an 18-point lead among older, less-educated likely women voters.

Nearly 7 in 10 of the women TIME polled disagreed with Palin’s suggestion that humans are not responsible for global warming; two-thirds took exception to her opposition to abortion in all circumstances except when the life of the mother is in danger; and a majority did not share her support of the Iraq war. 

Gee- there’s a disconnect.

Well then…..why the 18 point lead? Hmmm…must be because they’re less educated. Not NEARLY as learned and sophisticated as their college educated ‘sisters’. So….why don’t you just come out and say it? It’s actually McCain’s VP pick, isn’t it?

Must be all those white trash women who can’t get enough of Sarah Palin.

One Response to “Moms Gone Wild”

  1. patriciaaanderson said

    Personally, I can speak for myself.. as one of those women that this article is addressing! *go me!*
    I am in the age 40 bracket, college educated and feeling the squeeeeeeeeeze of the economic times. I was one of those women that voted in the Clinton Administration (proudly so even today.. and shhh! you.. while I have my say here! *grin*)
    I am one of those ‘swing votes’ right now for the first time in my voting career..

    I never expected to be.
    Never have I EVER had to watch soo closely, for the platform to speak.. and the debates to happen..
    But I am still “sitting on the fence” a bit perplexed by my own thoughts on the topics and the concerns of the times.

    It has nothign to do with racial prejudice.
    It has nothing to do with being irrate of the Hillary Rodham Clinton dissing on the VP spot either. (haha)

    But it has everything to do with seeing two candidates.. two men that I wholeheartedly believe could do the job and probably do it well.. and yet seeing the strengths in certain areas and the weaknesses in certain areas in both of them and their party platforms and just not knowing which will be needed MORE in the coming four years!

    In Obama.. I see a person that can really move forward some needed changes. Even if he can’t bring about all of the ones that he would envision.. I see a person that can start the ball rolling.. and simple science says.. “start an object in motion and it will continue in motion… yadda yadda..”
    And yet.. I say to myself.. does he have what it takes.. if push comes to shove…

    In McCain.. I see a very strong and aggressive military leader that could guide the country in a time of war. Yet at the same time, I see a man that does not necessarily show the strengths of change, desire yes.. but not necessarily the ability he’s got alot of history in the washington grinder.. hard to change…. hmmmm….

    I think, that I speak for many of my age bracket, my gender, my educational sector as well..
    I think that many of us are simply weighing it all on what will be MOST NEEDED in the coming months and years.. we are weighing everything we see .. from the economic mess, to the war abroad, to the political climate both nationally and internationally.. we’re looking to all of it really.. and weighing it internally by that good old “woman’s intuition” and what we FEEL within ..

    Sorry guys.. its just how we do things.

    For the right or the wrong of it.. whether or not you “get it” or you don’t….

    The fact is .. you just won’t know HOW we are going to vote.. til they tally the votes.. it’s kind of like that loaded question of “Does this skirt make my ass look fat?”

    Just tell us we’re doing great… :0)

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