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Drilling For Votes

Posted by redsatellite on September 12, 2008

Sweet. Nothing like a real live…no joking this timewe really really mean itno kidding aroundwe’re seriousit’s that importantmy daddy can beat up your daddy….gas and oil crisis to finally bitch-slap the helpless Democrats.

For decades, opposition to new offshore oil drilling has been a core principle of Congressional Democrats, ranking in the party pantheon somewhere just below protecting Social Security and increasing the minimum wage.

But a concerted Republican assault over domestic oil production and the threat of political backlash from financially pressed motorists have Democrats poised to embrace a fundamental shift in energy policy.

Even more surprising, the turnabout is led by the House speaker,
Nancy Pelosi, who has a history of fighting oil drilling going back to the early days of her career in California.

Poor pathetic Nancy Pe-loser. Someone call a Wahhhhhhhhhhhhm-bulance. Yep…you stopped offshore drilling for DECADES. Stopped building refineries. Stopped expansion. Stopped this, stopped that. And now every American within arm’s length of a voting machine- is screaming for relief.

Under a measure being assembled for a vote in the House next week, oil rigs could go up 50 miles from the shores of states that welcome drilling and 100 miles off any section of the United States coast — a stark reversal on an issue that has been a Democratic environmental touchstone since the 1980s.

Aww….cry me a river- full of oil rigs.

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