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Big Bang For Your Buck

Posted by redsatellite on September 10, 2008

How much does it cost to find out the origin of the universe? The Swiss have the answer: $9 billion

Scientists Wednesday applauded as one of the most ambitious experiments ever conceived got successfully underway, with protons being fired around a 27-kilometer (17-mile) tunnel deep beneath the border of France and Switzerland in an attempt to unlock the secrets of the universe.

The Large Hadron Collider — a $9 billion particle accelerator designed to simulate conditions of the Big Bang that created the physical Universe — was switched on at 0732 GMT to cheers and applause from experts gathered to witness the event.

Personally, I think the 9 billion could’ve been better spent…but that’s just me. Let’s see 9 billion divided by $900 (price of a decent Swiss watch) = 10,000,000….Yep. The Swiss government could’ve handed out 10 million BRAND NEW Swiss watches. That’s a watch for every citizen of Switzerland AND Roger Federer!

Skeptics, who claim that the experiment could lead to the creation of a black hole capable of swallowing the planet, failed in a legal bid to halt the project at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

A Black Hole?

How apropos! I think the Swiss government has already FOUND their ‘black hole’. That’s where all the Swiss francs went…

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