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Separating Entertainers From Their Politics

Posted by redsatellite on August 25, 2008

As much as I detest 95% of all Democrats, Kirsten Powers being a notable exception, it’s even worse KNOWING entertainers that I like…are outspoken in support of these loons.

Denver, Colorado, the site of the Democratic convention beginning Monday, will find itself as Hollywood East.

At both conventions, the nonpartisan Creative Coalition will lead the way. The organization is devoted to arts advocacy, as well as issues such as health care and affordable housing, and will have a number of celebrities on hand, including Paltrow, Norton, Warren Beatty, Dana Delany and Matthew Modine.

Creative Coalition Executive Director Robin Bronk told The Hollywood Reporter that the organization was determined to present some steak with its celebrity sizzle.

“We have a great track record of bringing substance with splash,” she said.

But splash is what will probably be in photographers’ viewfinders. According to media reports, other stars planning to come to Denver include Susan Sarandon, Scarlett Johansson (who
told CNN she “wasn’t exactly sure” she’d be going but has made no secret of her support for Barack Obama), Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Anne Hathaway and Forest Whitaker.

It is SO IRRITATING to find out that someone I really like is not only supporting Barack Obama- but openly so– and in my face about it. I know….I know…I need to learn to separate their work from their belief system.

But when I learn that Scarlett Johansson and Bruce Springsteen are completely DEVOID of reason and acumen…it bums me out.

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