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Biden My Time

Posted by redsatellite on August 19, 2008

Barack Obama has indicated he will choose his running mate this week. And the leading candidate is the biggest Demo-bat blowhard in the U.S. government- Senator Joseph Biden (okay…you’re right- Harry Reid and John Kerry are much bigger).

Biden, a senator from Delaware and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, brings to the table top-notch experience that would help counter GOP arguments that Obama is inexperienced on foreign policy.

The good news is, should Obama NOT pick Joe Biden, his other choices produce less wind than say…Tropical Storm Fay.

Richardson is considered a good pick because he could help bring in support from the Latino community.

A former governor, Bayh is a Midwest moderate and a popular figure in Indiana, a Republican stronghold. His service on the Senate Intelligence and Armed Services committees could help shore up Obama’s weak spots.

Kaine could help Virginia fall in the Democrats’ column for the first time in 44 years, but the Virginia governor would not bring much foreign policy experience to the table.

Hmmm….we need to try their two surnames together. So that when the placards are BOBBING on the convention floor in Denver…they make an impact.

Obama Richardson- A Kenyan name and a Latino with an Anglo Saxon name? HUH?
Obama Bayh- I like it, pause long enough, and we say goodbye to him.
Obama Biden- In the south, that’s a sentence.
Obama Kaine- Sounds medicinal: novacaine, lanacane, Obamakaine!

One of those combinations is very likely to be heralded and flashed all over America from the Democratic National Convention hall next Monday.

I think I’d rather watch paint dry.

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